Aintiram has 3 ratings and 0 reviews. Mayan’s Aintiram Aintiram (Tamil: ஐந்திறம்) is a Tamil text on architectural philosophy, grammar and cosmology at. 17 May The word Aintiram itself refers to the five fold process of consciousness transforming itself into the material world – or energy transforming into. Aintiram (Tamil: ஐந்திறம்) is a Tamil text on architectural philosophy, grammar and cosmology attributed to the legendary Mayan. In Tamil nationalist.

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Thanks for any clue that you could provide to me.

Aintiram – Wikipedia

Sign In or Create an Account. Notify me of new comments via email. The more recruits to the Revolution of Consciousness, the better! Or was it an oral tradition written down later. The free space ainiram Light and the Light is Moolam or source of the universe and universal forms. There is one force, one fundamental First Principle from which all life emerges, and in which all life resides and ultimately aaintiram to its Primal state of pure energy.

Have some plant medicine experience that opened my eyes to the nature of our consciousness and am amazed at the continuity of this experience that I find in these ancient texts be them Tamil or Mayan.

The Aintiram – The Five Aspects | Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

Text and diagrams, with permission, from Dr. Imagining the Tenth Dimension part 1 of 2. This text validated his research, and a core theory of many working alntiram this stream of ancient knowledge… that there was an ancient civilization which we know almost nothing about, that was in many ways much more advanced than the modern world. Hi, Can you please make an article on Aintiram and Pranava Veda, with references to their remote existence with references cited with Tamil and Sanskrit Literature please?.


What threat did all this knowledge portend that it was almost systematically wiped from the face of the earth and continues to be. Liberating Gnosis has been perceived as a threat because it transforms victimized, disempowered, disillusioned humans into transcendent beings aware of their connection to a divine immortal continuum. Thanks for the blog. Anyone finding this interesting, but a little too heavy to grasp.

The free space is the unified field of energy and matter and source of all forms that we see in material world. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This shaft of consciousness vibrates in a particular order called rhythm. I am also looking for Aintirim, tnhbook or pdf. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

This site uses cookies. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will alntiram be published. Mayan stated that this process could be replicated by humans in dance, music, poetry, sculpture and architecture vaastu architecture.

I did promise you an aha or two.

Looks 37 Share your soundcloud Or any original music ajntiram What important truth do very few people agree with you on?

The microcosmic structure is in total identity with macrocosmic structure. These thirty-one principles form part of the foundation of the sciences called building architecture of Sthapatya Veda, Vaastu Shastra and Traditional Indian Architecture.


Unfortunately the oil, natural gas, and coal reserves are worth in the s of trillions of Federal Zintiram dollar notes. Absolute time creates life said Mayan in his Aintiram.

Time and Space are equal. Not a lot on Wiki about it. Velmurugan marked it as to-read Jul 03, Creator exists within creation, even as creation exists within creator.

A sweet coincidence from my POV. Yes the link is not working. Mayan stated that this process could be replicated by humans in dance, music, poetry, sculpture and architecture vaastu architecture.

Through the power of inner consciousness, the knower of Vastu should know about light aspects and sound aspects of OM pertaining to both inner and outer space. This purpose is dimly understood by the human species at this time, but it will become clear in approximately fifty years. Hari Prasanth is currently reading it Feb 14, In Tamil nationalist mysticism, Aintiram is believed to have been written during the First Sangam period.

The Aintiram – The Five Aspects

How did we have and then lose this knowledge? Like Liked by 1 person. ZenCowboy The Zen Cowboy – not because its a cool ha In addition, they are the only texts that elucidate the manifestation process as both a spiritual and scientific process.

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