pacific-rim-italianp-torrent, %-]]], obsugi-pralki-amica-optimum instrukcja-obsugi-pralki-amica-optimum bine yakın kişi ise evsiz durumda. jpg instrukcja pralki amica optimum frhyv48 Pobierz instrukcja pralki amica. Use a power setting no higher than watts. Always place the popcorn bag .. The automatic programme makes the optimum setting. You can choose from 1.

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Amia is removed automatically. W przy pad ku ko niecz no ci ponownego prze woenia, chlodziarko-za mra ar k na le y zapakowa w ele men ty ze sty ro pia nu i fo li oraz za bez pie czy tam kle j c. Naley zawsze wymieni uszkodzon uszczelk. Wytryskujcy czynnik chlodniczy jest palny.

Taking out and putting in the shelves Slide the shelf out, then slide it in as much as po- ssible so that its clamp could fit the guide groove fig.

Defrosting the freezer l It is recommended to combine defrosting the appliance with washing it. The socket must be fitted properly, and must be supplied with an earthing conduit and a 10A fuse. Aby odszroni komor zamraarki, na le y: Therearwalloftherefrigerator,inparticu- lar, the condenser and other elements of thecoolingsystemmustnotcontactother elements, which may damage them, e.

Wijzigingen in de uitrusting, binnen- en buiten inrichting van het product, die zijn werking en veiligheid niet aantasten, zijn toegelaten. Use this area for all delicate and highly perishable food e. Should it occur, carefully unclog the opening with the cleaning plug fig. Odszranianie zamraarki lOdszranianie komory zamraania za le ca si polczy z myciem wyrobu. EN In some models the handle is put into the appliance, You should screw it with Your own screwdriver, Page: The local waste collection points, shops and communal units form an appropriate system ena- bling the disposal of the equipment.


Alternatively, place pads made of soft material under the rear rollers, especially when the appliance is placed on tiles. Producent behoudt zich het recht voor op veranderingen die de functie van het apparaat niet beinvloeden. Minor changes in temperature The slight changes in temperature are perfectly normal and may occur, for instance during the storage of great quantities of fresh products in optumum fridge, or when the door is open for a longer period oltimum time.

Amica FK S AA manual

Do not use glass containers. Have a question about the Amica FK Plastic bags, polyethylene and aluminium sheets are the best wrapping materials. It helps if you know what food each contains and where it is located. Do not allow frost layers thicker than 10 mm to form. Should the room tem- perture drop significantly below the defined scope, the appliance does not work so often and the undesirable temperatu- re increase may occure.

Zle ustawienie pokrtla regulacyjnego Temperatura otoczenia jest wiksza lub mniejsza od temparatury podanej w tabeli ze specyfikacj techniczn urzdzenia. The tube may not be bent, straightened or wound. Can also be used to freeze up to 1 kilogram of fresh food.

Amica FK268.3 S AA manual

If the capillary tube is damaged by the user the guarantee will be void fig. If the refrigerant makes contact with the eyes, rinse them with clean water and call for medical assistance immediately. Lighting inside the unit mustn’t be used for lighting rooms.

NL Geachte Klant, De vriezer biedt u een verbinding van makkelijke bediening en uitstekende efficiency. Jeeli taka sytuacja za ist nia la wl cze nie urzdzenia amicw nastpi min.


Repairs car- ried out by persons who do not have the requ- ired qualifications may result in serious danger for the user of the appliance.

Temperature adjustment knob Temperature adjustment Turning the knob to a different setting changes the temperature in the fridge-freezer.

Table of Contents Page: Disconnecting the mains lMake sure the appliance can be easily disconnected from the mains, either by pulling the plug out of the mains socket, or by switching the two-pole switch off fig.

Do not use it in the cellar, unheated summer cottage during autumn and winter. Pokrtlo regulacji temperatury Regulacja temperatury Zmiana ustawienia pokrtla powoduje zmian temperatury w chlodziarko-zamraarce.

Kade urzdzenie przed opuszczeniem fabryki zostalo dokladnie sprawdzone pod wzgldem bezpieczestwa i funkcjonalnoci. The ambient temperature increase will be detected by the sensor and the compressor will be switched on automatically for a longer period of time in order to maintain the temperature set inside the chambers. Moe to spo wo do wa zatkanie otworu. Tutaj najlepiej przechowywa maslo i sery.

The special material used to construct the fridge liner prevents bacterial, microorganism and mould growth. Such marking informs that the equipment may not be kept together with other waste coming from the household after the pe- riod of its use. The manufacturer will not be held liable for any damage or injury which may result from the failure to fulfil this requirement.