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This paper covers both the development of BS and compliance with the finished standard. The process used to produce BS is described by. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , S.C. Reid and others published BS The Software Component Testing Standard }. BS – 2. Standard for Software Component Testing. Working Draft Date: 28 April produced by the. British Computer Society Specialist Interest.

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This Standard describes attributes of the test process that indicate the quality of the testing performed.

A few members of the subgroup trialled this draft of the standard within their own organisations. Branch Condition Coverage is only defined for components with one entry point. Coverage items are executable statements in the source code.

Aims of 79925-2 standard. You may experience issues viewing this site in Internet Explorer 9, 10 or The Standard describes a number of techniques for test case 7952-2 and measurement, which support the test process. It shall be possible to establish that the all specified testing activities have been carried out by 792-52 to the test records.

Any alternative techniques used shall satisfy these criteria: Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings. A software component must have a specification in order to be tested according to this Standard.

This is known as 0-switch coverage. Branch Condition Combination Testing requires a model of the source code which identifies decisions and the individual Boolean operands within the decision conditions.


BS 2 The Software Component Testing Standard – Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB)

7295-2 cases shall be designed to exercise executable statements. A generic process is chosen to ensure that this Standard is applicable to the diverse requirements of the software industry.

BS Software Component Testing. Categories are assigned to variable occurrences in the component, where the category identifies the definition or the use of the variable at that point. The model shall comprise states, transitions, events, actions and their relationships.

Data definition P-uses occur in the predicate portion of a decision statement such as while. These attributes are selected to provide the means of assessing, comparing and improving test quality. The objective of this Standard is to enable the measurement and comparison of testing performed on software components.

For each expected transition within a test case, the following shall be specified: The history of the standard.

The Test Management Guide – BS Standard for Software Component Testing

This shall include specific identification of all 79252 to the component test strategy and all software with which the component under test will interact during test execution, such as drivers and stubs. Test cases may also be designed to test that unspecified transitions cannot be induced.

Later activities for one test case may occur before earlier activities for another. Careers and apprenticeships Be opportunities Vacancies Apprenticeships.

Other test measurement techniques may be used that are not listed in this clause. Boundary Value Analysis uses a model of the component that partitions the input and output values of the component into a number of ordered sets with identifiable boundaries. University of Hong Kong.


Talk:BS 7925-2

The syntax is represented as a number of rules each of which defines the possible means of production of a symbol in terms of sequences of, iterations of, or selections between other symbols. British Library Conference Proceedings Typical decisions are found in loops and selections. The coverage items are the boundaries of partitions described by the model see 3. Other test case design techniques may be used that are not listed in this clause.

BS 7925-2:1998

The coverage calculation shall be defined as either counting or discounting infeasible items – this choice shall be documented in the test plan. Test cases are designed to exercise valid transitions between states. This measure is defined with respect to the traversal of the set of subpaths from each variable definition to some use either p-use or c-use of that definition. Branch Condition Combination Coverage.

Investigating the effect of a second software inspection cycle. Test cases shall be designed to exercise decision outcomes. Cause-Effect Graphing bss a model of the logical relationships between causes and effects for the component. Press and information Press releases Press Archives. You may find similar items within these categories by selecting from the choices below:.

The actual outcome shall be recorded.