Cadillac Desert has ratings and reviews. In Cadillac Desert Marc Reisner writes of the earliest settlers, lured by the promise of paradise, and of the . “The definitive work on the West’s water crisis.” –Newsweek The story of the American West is the story of a relentless quest for a precious resource. Marc Reisner has written a tome on water rights in the American West with his book “Cadillac Desert: The American West and its disappearing Read full.

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China wasn’t yet on its dam-building tear in when the book was published, but he discusses the problems that the construction of the Aswan Dam had already had for Egypt, and how the country was likely to be forced to construct yet more gargantuan works to solve the problems of its earlier ones.

Those in Owens Valley could do nothing about it! One of the most hard-hitting and poignant environmental cavillac I’ve been lucky enough to come across. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

This often happens after a century of irrigation.

It appears to only be available on VHS, and all of the libraries that I have visited say they have it, but it is not on the shelf where t should be. If humans do not belong in Deseet not a fifth star? The economic and political drivers of Western water also have changed in fundamental ways.

No river has been asked to do so much — for so many — with so little. Mark Reisner provided an exclamation mark. Jun 21, Mitchell rated it really liked it Shelves: By the late nineteenth century, Los Angeles was growing rapidly, but it was doing this by mining the groundwater, a practice that had no long-term reisnerr.


BUT it was worth it in the end to see the big picture. He was a president with above average principles, a serious handicap. Salinization played a primary role in the demise of the ancient Fertile Crescent civilizations.

Cadillac desert – PBS summary

He commented the plan was one of “brutal magnificence” and “unprecedented destructiveness”. Part of it is due to the fact that few economically feasible projects remain, though that didn’t stop us in the past. But moving forward and backward in time sometimes got confusing. Reisner begins by writing about the westward movement of pioneer settlers during the 19th century. Today the San Joaquin and Sacramento River ecosystems, and the Bay Delta, are polluted and cadillzc degraded from their original splendor and we’re not even quite sure what it is we’ve lost.

The people go where they do and the water must follow. Resiner’s critiques are valid to the extent he critiques water policy. Reisner was writing without the benefit of Endnote, after all, and he was a well-respected, tweedy-looking academic, so I desertt just trust him, right?

Marc devotes a few pages to discussing it. This book was pretty dfsert informative but mostly it talked about people acting in their short-term selfish self-inte That was a slow read.

Cadillac Desert by Marc Reisner | : Books

It makes me deeply, deeply ashamed to be from Southern California. Published June 1st by Penguin first published Sweeping saga of the history of the water wars in the American southwest.

While some Americans are waking up to this reality the renewed campaigns to remove dams, and the successful removal of Elwha River dams in Olympic National Park, for instance, both point to this truthmost cadilla us are still woefully unaware of just how much damage water projects have caused.

Only in the last few years has water been allowed to return into the once verdant Owens Valley of California, after it was diverted through subterfuge to supply the needs of southern California. Though the Corps of Engineers considered this project they never made a proposal.


I could not help but think of Steinbeck. Whereas the Hopi have lived in the desert for a thousand years on tiny amounts of water, Americans built swimming pools and huge irrigation farms in the desert sun — with water from the Colorado.

Worster, DonaldRivers of Empire: To ask other readers questions about Cadillac Desertplease sign up. This book, right down to its dying cactus on its cover, emphasizes the looming water resert. It was on the same subject and was a great read. The fishing industry would have been eliminated; mass wilderness areas and wildlife would have been submerged in the quest for moving water to the USA. Please try again later. But that’s kind of bullshit, because you have to use the government make those things factored in.

If you live in the American West, you need to read this.

Cadillac Desert

Federal and State agencies no longer drive major water project construction. The dam did not fail that day.

There is literally nothing in this history of water acquisition that is not dirty, from Los Angeles’ outright theft of water from the Colorado River to the forced displacement of already displaced Native American tribes, from the construction of useless dams as state pork barrel projects to the gross irrigation subsidies for corporate farmers. After learning that, the whole deal all starts to look kinda shady.