29 May If you thought the internal combustion engine was on its way out, think again!. 30 Jan Lightweight, low-cost and generating low friction, FreeValve engine concept functions without camshafts and allows valves to open and close. 21 Nov This is a discussion on Koenigsegg’s camless engine within Technical Stuff, part of the Under the Hood category; The future is here gentlemen.

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Didn’t get the code? In the Spring ofChristian von Koenigsegg told reporters that the technology pursued by his company is “getting ready for fruition”, but said nothing specific about his company’s timetable.

Enigne are still related to engine revolutions, piston enginr etc. And the youtube Drive series is always a great watch. With the finer control of individual valves made possible by these electro-hydraulic and electro-pneumatic systems the TB will become redundant.

Common problems with camless engines include accuracy at high engine speeds, temperature sensitivity, increased weight, packaging, high noise, high cost, and unsafe operation from electrical problems. Additionally, because there is no chain connection between the crank shaft and the camshaft, the engine is lighter with fewer points of failure. MAN has had a carless engine on the market for many years. The figures reportedly equate to 47 percent more power, 45 percent more torque, and 15 percent better fuel economy than the same powerplant with a conventional valvetrain.

Because the engine recovered braking energy as compressed air, that energy source was abundantly available. As installed on a Chinese Qoros 1. It is indeed an excellent thought to use the exhaust gases to spool the turbo and increase the power.

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Frank Markus January 27, Retrieved from ” https: Sure, if enigne valves are inclined at a steep angle, the piston could bend a valve and cause some mayhem. If thats possible which it should be with individual valve control whats the use of waste gate?

Is the Era of the Camless Valvetrain Finally Upon us?- Technologue – Motor Trend

Originally Posted by samcan What I am trying to say is that though technological advancements happen, I suspect there might still be some drawbacks compared to the old school engines. Replacing the traditional camshaft is relatively speaking easy and straightforward. Get daily e-mail updates GO. Reciprocating engines and configurations. They have replaced the Cam mechanism with electro pneumatic actuators. A V6 engine would require 24 actuators whereas a 4 needs only Some manufacturers use systems with more than one cam lobe, but this is still a compromise as only a few profiles can be in operation at once.

Originally Posted engune Mpower.

The absence of a camshaft also means that the parasitic load on the engine is lower, which is particularly useful in large marine engines, as it can equate to a large amount of power savings. Overall emissions are said to be reduced significantly as well. We value your privacy. The time now is Second, the technology will be expensive to implement at first because of it being all-new.

Because camless engines have no camshaftthey may have fewer moving parts. Stock photography by izmostock. The future is here gentlemen!!! Your question has been submitted You will receive all the communications on: Your question has been submitted. Its been available for a long time, not for car engines, but it has been applied in Marine Diesels. Originally Posted by Jeroen Easier said then done. MAN has had a camless engine on the market for many years. Camcon also discussed features and benefits in an article and video that was published in Autocar magazine [15] “New Valve Technology gives Petrols the Efficiency of Diesels”.


Though electronics might pitch in to do similar work, will it be that accurate? What does BMWs Valvetronic system do? Sign up for our Daily Newsletter Get daily news, spy shots and more! I want to get offers from dealers.

I want this car for Test Drive. An engine with it would have infinitely variable valve timing, including being able to completely shut them for cylinder deactivation.

Without a camshaft, how would the valves be controlled properly? With camless engines intake of air into the cylinder can be controlled by the valves themselves.

Video shows inner workings of Koenigsegg’s camless engine

We’ll email you the latest in performance and luxury automotive news every camess. Koenigsegg’s camless engine OP: The following BHPian Thanks samcan for this useful post: Last edited by Jeroen: Want nearby dealer to contact you?

Or what happens in case of panic braking?

Interested in dealer callback? Possibly,…who wants to go first?

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