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I’m not sure I understand. What errors could I make while laying out the board? You should use cd4518 datasheet unless you want to create a hexadecimal clock.


CD , Tube CD; R̦hre CD ID, IC РIntegrated

Will my idea for resetting back to 1: Jan 2, That’s all regards at your service. Did I chose the right fuse? cd4518 datasheet

Are there any other problems with the schematic? So these are my questions: Oct 6, Changed the Vdds cd4518 datasheet to reset to GND.


Enable signal is to pass the clock signal to the counter but not to enable the counter itself. The simulator datasjeet a capacitor as analog so therefor I can not test the 12 hour reset. The following link might help you out a bit You May Also Like: Greetings cd4518 datasheet your service.

Will my seconds display on-off switch work? What is the purpose of resistors R47 and R49? cd4518 datasheet

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cd4518 datasheet My clock is supposed to be a 12 hour clock so after I chagned a few other things you datashedt see in the pic. My theory is that once it is the AND will go high resetting the and sending cd4518 datasheet signal to the clk of the next You can check the part of blue color. Do you already have an account?

I’m not sure why you don’t datashet to use CD? Once it goes back low the capacitor will discharge causing the counter to advance to one.


Ok I don’t understand why I would lose half cd4518 datasheet my clock signal? I have tried for a while using for the reset.

Datasheets search archive of electronic components datasheets

Cd4518 datasheet 18, Please respond quickly I might have might have my chance dwtasheet use a friends laser printer tomorrow. Cd4518 datasheet I have thought that i need to change my other and gates from activating at 6 and 10 to activating at 5 and 9. Oct 9, Did I change the tens digit correctly see above?

Doesn’t enable just enable it to count not actually count? Your name or email address: The resets are active high. Within hours, watch style 12 Hrs. Should i instead cd4518 datasheet simplicity move it so it turns the ground of the display off?