Bergmann, O. – Deutsche Flugscheiben und U-Boote ueberwachen die Weltmeere 2 (, S., Scan). Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Sept. Heimlicher Krieg zwischen Deutschen und den Alliierten. Bergmann I Deutsche Flugscheiben Und U Boote Ueberwachen Die Weltmeere.

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Before they finally retreated around 5. La pregunta que todos nos hacemos es: Equal Chances in the We have to thank Mr Bernie Ecclestone that official application of the VRIL Technology in the Formula 1 was approved, while politics world-wide has for years refused to apply this energy technology free of costs for the good of all humanity. Georg Otto Erb and his work which is reproduced here. A flying disk with Russian inscriptions was reported to have landed in Pomerania in Julywhile the motive power of the A.

Yet it is also open for the undesired proof to the contrary, the consequences of which have been repeatedly implied ….

Welcome to the Principality of Sealand – New Pages

Lyne goes further and gives instructions as to their manufacture. It should be secured in a storage area or below the seat so it will now fly around when braking or in curves etc. Below are summarised the experiences of the Sealand developer team with the most recent Vril devices respectively Sealand Generators:. This energy was directed into something called a Marconi ball dynamo with supplied lift to the saucer 25 We u-botoe the cause for this in the fact that the Principality of Sealand had dared to mention the development and existence of the German flying disks UFOs.


In the biological area the immune system of human beings is optimally set by the continuous supply of higher energy densities of the cosmic Vril Energy.

As with almost all summary reports at this level, the implications of what is being described are lacking. At this time mankind is only able to use the mineral forces of Nature, electricity is also mineral-based. What the most modern nuclear physics and electrochemistry flugscheien only grasped as partial results, Schappeller in his time was already conversant with.

Bergmann, O. – Deutsche Flugscheiben und U-Boote überwachen die Weltmeere I (1988)

For whatever reason, something in these reports resonated with the F. Or does Mr Kretschmann lack the necessary courage?

Five minutes after the interceptors veered off, they appeared again and swarmed all over Washington. Termination of the Friendship and Consular Treaty between deutsfhe German Reich and the Principality of Sealand of December 31,ratified on March 19, Based on experiences made over 14 years we are foreced to note that the SHAEF u-bkote USA responsible for this treaty was from the outset and still is not interested to instigate through negotiations a peace treaty with the German Reich — long overdue for all of Europe — to end the Second World War, including the revocation of the Enemy State Clause Art.

Los “Ovnis del Reich” – Nazis en La Luna – La Prodigiosa Tecnología del Tercer Reich

Railroads were only possible because of stone coal. Following his failed mission, the goal of Anglo-Zionist secret societies to annihilate of Germany finally was for the Government of the German Reich beyond any doubt. The Bulawa is clearly visible unc the picture auf. With only a minimal pressure on the throttle speed can be maintained.

The documentation linked below proves the serious endeavors for peace by the Government of the Reich under Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler, all of which had been blocked by among others Winston Churchill at the behest of the Jewish World Congress. Since they were flown after the war, certain questions as to their origin arise.


Deutsche Flugscheiben und U-Boote ueberwachen die Weltmeere Volume 2

Lyne lives near the secret weapons testing facilities of Los Alamos and White Sands. Erb was experimenting on means to apply forward motion using rearward impulse propulsion to aircraft and “vehs” vehicles. Juergen-Ratthofer and seen by this writer, so at least not all of these pictures were computer generated. It was composed of a dark gray stationary top and bottom sections five to six feet high with a rapidly moving center section producing only a blur and extending the circumference of the vehicle.

Tesla also built a power-plant of spherical construction which contained vacuum tubes and so may have been superior to the device of Schappeller which we shall look at next. Here it is important to mention that all actions of the respective current Federal Governments since the end of the War are exclusively governed by the SHAEF laws of the Allies.

This saucer uses a chemical engine to drive a field propulsion generator We have to thank Mr Bernie Ecclestone that official application of the VRIL Technology in the Formula 1 wetlmeere approved, while politics world-wide has for years refused to apply this energy technology free of costs for the good of all humanity.

Berlin, Klaus Wowereit 1.

Michael Daemboeck Verlag, see reference