Die Weiße Rose by Inge Scholl, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Die Weisse Rose by Inge Scholl, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. A detailed biography of Inge Scholl that includes includes images, quotations and the main facts In June the White Rose group began producing leaflets.

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Not the best history, but somewhere to start. I wonder if I could do what they did for my country.

I was not disappointed. I found the court documents to be shocking and they gave a clear picture of the madness of the Nazi court system and people who are frantically trying to hold onto power and ideals that were rapidly falling to pieces. Apr 11, Valerie added it. The tone is gentle, and oddly even a little dream like, the language simple – although pitched at 17 year olds I would ingge felt that younger school children would have been able to manage it quite comfortably.

Even those meetings might be enough for imprisonment or death, but the group decided it wasn’t enough. This book chronicles the path of a group of students who did dare to speak and paid the highest price.

A joke or slight criticism again the Nazi party could put yourself or your family in danger–with the average person facing blacklisting, imprisonment or even worse, who dared to speak out? Open Preview See a Problem? Mar 12, Leah rated it liked it Shelves: Very interesting book about a student non-violent resistance movement in Munich, It was not long or poorly written but the subject was so sad that I picked it up and set it down a number of times since I bought my copy nearly 20 years ago.

However, according to the Center for White Rose Studiesshe did not even “so much as listen to her siblings’ talk”, when they tried to convince her to take part in Dec 02, Fadi rated it liked it. But she’s also translating two students into a particular Christian context, they emerge as martyrs, calm in the face of death, hauled before the unjust court of a persecuting authority, even their cruel prison warders and the stool pigeons are overwhelmed by the experience of being in their presence and themselves desire to do good to such radiant young people by allowing the three due to be killed to smoke a final cigarette together.


The first part is a story of their childhoods and their lives told from the perspective of their surviving sister Inge. The best way to do that is by standing up for the truth. This book was written by Inge Scholl, the sibling’s older sister. What does make this book more successful is that instead of relying on the recreated narrative they also chose to include a wealth of primary source documents in the second half of the book.

Our society is still a little open, it’s not too late for us to learn from history and act! Dec 17, Dakota Caudill rated it it was amazing. I have been reading about WWI and WWII as, unfortunately, in school we did not reach that phase in history for whatever reason and I am interested in learning about the how and why of peoples’ actions.

I’ve read quite about about The White Rose and the role of Hans and Sophie Scholl in the group’s activities, so I thought I’d read what is probably the first account written about this resistance group.

I feel a bit bad giving this suhc a low rating, because it is a beautiful and inspiring book, but ultimately it’s not more than moderately successful, which is probably why it doesn’t get used much in teaching any more. They warned that the German people might become “forever the nation hated and rejected by all mankind”. Inge Aicher-Scholl 11 August — 4 Septemberborn in present-day CrailsheimGermanywas the daughter of Robert Schollmayor of Weisseeand elder sister of Roes and Sophie Schollwho studied at the University of Munich inand were core members of the White Rose student resistance movement in Nazi Germany.

Ultimately, they paid for their resistance with their lives and the lives of 3 other young friends and one of their professors. They were so young, yet they knew what they were fighting for: There is just a hint of interpretation in the concluding remarks of Inge Scholl and her co-writer but it is rather oblique.

Die Weisse Rose

These pamphlets reassured others that they were not alone. It seems impossible that people would accept such a regime, yet they did.

View all 4 comments. Lnge was a part that said “The police could not be everywhere,” which made it a citizen’s duty to report any “wrongdoing”. Inge Scholl wrote several books about the White Rose after the war. The publication in the book of the actual leaflets s A clear documentary on the activities of a few University Students in Munich during WWII and their attempts at waking up the German people to the fact that Socialism and Hitler were to be suppressed.


Wdisse article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

May 18, Michael rated it liked it Recommends it for: Sophie and Hans Scholl grew up in Hitler’s youth groups.

They are remembered to this day as martyrs, as are their fellow members of The White Rose. You wouldn’t rkse that, though, by searching Google, as some articles have her belonging to the White Rose, which is false. Here the book is really very odd, but I will come back to that. This is, though, a bit subversive, it is after all an assertion of individual moral conscience against state power, against mass media urging conformity, against violence and coercion, nor if one takes into account the reproduced leaflets, is the inspiration for their course of action entirely, if at all Christian, instead there they cite Schiller, Goethe and Lao-Tse.

Some say this reflects in schol, literature we consume and, indeed sales for dystopian tales like and The Handmaiden’s Tale have risen. While this narrative may fit better here than with other wars, it tends to gloss over the presence of resistance in Germany. How could they resist?

The White Rose by Inge Aicher-Scholl

It consigns all Germans to dif role of active supporter or coward. The White Rose was a student group that printed and distributed leaflets highly critical of Nazi war crimes, particularly against the Jews on the eastern front. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Still, I can understand the desire for more– perhaps another edition with further thoughts from the two resistance leaders’ sister.

Nov 26, Sheila rated it really liked it Shelves: How could they encourage others to?