– Buy La Inteligencia Social de Las Organizaciones: Desarrollando Las Competencias Necesarias Para El Ejercicio Efectivo de La Responsabilidad Social / Peo (Tramas Sociales) book online at Leonardo Schvarstein (Author). Ebooks La Inteligencia Social De Las Organizaciones Desarrollando Las Social Peo Tramas Sociales Spanish Edition By Leonardo Schvarstein Epub. La Inteligencia Social de Las Organizaciones: Desarrollando Las Competencias Necesarias Para El Ejercicio Efectivo de La Responsabilidad Social/Peo.

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The activities proposed next to improve Emotional Intelligence, will be made through the development and enhancement of social abilities SA of the students.

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Personal autonomy Bisquerra, is defined as the set of characteristics that relate to personal self-management of emotions: Learn more at Author Central.

Both theories related to CSR and stakeholders are just in the early stages of construction.

Lever, used one of their products, laundry soap: Therefore, and in summary, schvarstsin participation in these activities meetings should enable the debate on various topics, involving him in projects scientific and social to develop correctly what they have learned and always favored by the teachers themselves and from the same institution, and be encouraged to participate in activities, formal and informal, that will incite him to collaborate and cooperate with others so that their social responsibility is strengthened to the group.

Schgarstein the end of the action, the foundation with the most votes received pounds.

The list will be developed by all students, in groups of 4 or 5, and then presented in class in order to standardize the meanings and that for subsequent activities schvarsteein be done, its use does not cause errors in interpretation.

The development of interpersonal intelligence help to improve relationships with others.

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In the fundraising section it recognizes the right of each nongovernmental organization NGO to decide the best system – annual campaigns, emergency issues or actions – to raise funds.

With the creation of the new European Space of Higher Education Area ESHE for achieving the European convergence, a paradigm shift in the teaching-learning process is produced, that causes changes in the classical methodological approaches in higher education. This work aims to lax explain these three concepts that are permanently used and often misunderstood by companies and organizations, and state the main influence in one of their stakeholders: This activity Activity 7 would be the corollary of all others and in it, could cover many issues and would be agreed among students.


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The whole basis on which it is based, is based on emotions, theories inteligencix emotions, the theory of multiple intelligences, emotional intelligence, psychology in education, social abilities, the welfare of the individual, etc. They have blogs, microblogs, social networks and other effective channels for reporting cases of fraud, exploitation of contract staff, environmental destruction and to recommend products ee by companies in their management, systems take into account the impact of its processes on the economy, society and the planet.

English Choose a language for shopping. In addition, activities designed are applicable to any subject matter since the competence to lqs specific abilities are not linked to particular subject matters, but are transversal abilities that can be acquired for an average student of any university degree. The moderator, in the first discussion, will be the teacher and successively can leave the job to another student, if deemed advisable, since that activity of being a moderator may also be susceptible aocial a stress situation that will be beneficial for participants.

There is only competence if it is linked to an object or a situation, because of this, it is necessary to promote the continued growth of abilities characteristics underlying their competences and for this we will place the student in orgabizaciones situations of study and work, similar to those which can be found in the practice of their profession or performance.

With the development of activities the indications by Extremera and Fernandez will be followed, which propose a model in which individuals are asked to identify themselves with the three general demands that society makes of all its members, on one side in their ability to function competently and autonomously as an individual, on the other the ability to properly interact with others and finally the ability to ensure social cohesion of the group.

For this, De Miguel proposes that in the process three basic questions must be delimited:.

In cases of private enterprise, the code sets clear requirements. Recognize and identify emotional awareness; Acquire and reinforce emotional regulation; Develop personal autonomy; Develop interpersonal intelligence; Develop and strengthen abilities of life abilities and wellness. More and more consumers interested in supporting such partnerships.

Before the start of activities it will be proposed to students to perform an act of self-awareness and assessment, and to define themselves in different ways, both organizafiones and social self-concept, empathy, well-being with themselves and society, attitude towards study, attitude to social volunteering, etc.


Marketing con causa social: People tend to avoid unpleasant information. Therefore, it is not to promote a product or service but to design schvzrstein that motivate certain group of individuals to adopt a specific idea or change any attitude or behavior: According to Steckel, Cause Marketing meets the condition of traditional marketing as it is the business whose main goal is to sell, however the difference is that it also has philanthropic results.

La Inteligencia Social de Las Organizaciones : Leonardo Schvarstein :

Asenjo Rabassa Bernardo adds, “is a counterpoint to the traditional sales promotion, in that part of the communication process between the company and its market exists or may exist feedback, ie, possible response from the prescriber, consumer or user of the products or services in the market, achieving this significant growth effect on the level resulting from traditional marketing activities.

By using this type of education debate, reflection, exchange and discussion on a specific topic will be facilitated, therefore it is used as a support strategy and with them, not only knowledge is transmitted itself, but also conveys thoughts, they adapt to any area of knowledge and also, and not least important, tend to distribute and equalize all knowledge to all participants Davini, For this activity several small activities throughout the academic year will also be scheduled and for all students in the school day where students individually made presentations to peers.

Therefore, they consider that EI is a dimension that must be taken into account within the wide range of variables that affect or modulate the success of a person and thus, the school environment is the ideal place to foster these abilities that will contribute positively to the personal and social welfare of the student.

For this activity it is estimated that there must be a moderator to check the rules of the game and try; at all times, to direct the discussion along the line of tolerance and respect.