Title, In Pursuit of Gold: Alchemy in Theory and Practice. Authors, Lapidus, Stephen Skinner. Edition, illustrated. Publisher, Spearman, ISBN, LAPIDUS. In Pursuit i of Gold Alchemy in. Theory and Practice Additions and .. In Pursuit of Gold the readers nowhere. why should nature stop at metals?. Is`s a few time ago, when I have studied “In pursuit of Gold” by Lapidus (Stephen Skinner). After an intensive reading of the book (three or more.

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Every treatise on alchemy is so artfully written that at every reading a different conception arises in the mind: The treatises are full of stumbling blocks, blinds, misleading statements, important keys left out and lies put in: Trivia About In Pursuit of Gol Artephius, an alchemist of the twelfth century, wrote in his treatise entitled The Secret Book that up to that time he had already lived a thousand years by aid of the Elixir.

Sherbon marked it as to-read Aug 21, Hence all other metals may be perfected into gold by the aid of our art, which being projected upon imperfect metals, has power to quicken the maturing process by as much as itself exceeds the standard maturity of gold. Heather Partridge marked it as to-read Nov 13, In the original work, the pictures are not in any special order, therefore a few guiding remarks pyrsuit been added under each picture, by the present gokd, which may make them more useful pirsuit the interested student.

They are compared to two serpents, the fixed substance to a serpent without wings, and the volatile substance to a serpent with wings. Other less helpful works will be ignored to avoid confusing the student.

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Mercury Quicksilver, metalline water. Ordinary or vulgar mercury, as they la;idus it, will however volatilise or run out of amalgams when heat is applied.

Here they are given so that they may be recognised later on. Among others famed for longevity in more modern times, there was the mysterious Count de St. They are not really two, but one and the same thing. It is generally imagined by those who are rather vague about the subject that alchemy has some connection with occultism, yoga or witchcraft, and lapidud magical practices; and booksellers quite often group alchemical books with these subjects together on their bookshelves.

In Pursuit of Gold : “Lapidus” :

It is called a stone by virtue of its fixed nature, and it resists the action of the fire as successfully as any stone. It is the one true natural first substance, puesuit which nothing is added, and from which gpld is subtracted, except certain superfluities, which however it will cast off without any aid by its own inherent vital action.

Tara Lindsey added it Jan 15, Caroline marked it as to-read Mar 19, Return to White Gold.

Thus cold and heat are brought to dwell peaceably together in the dryness of the earth, and the dryness and the moisture in the coldness of the water. Now, as the truth of their views is perceived by their agreement, so go,d disagreement of certain others marks them as false philosophers. Germain, who never appeared to grow older in appearance. There are also many books written by ignorant rogues who battened on greedy rich men to trick the money out of their coffers.

Nature produces the metals out of cold and humid mercury, and by assiduous digestion; our art takes the same crude and humid mercury, and conjoins it with mature gold, by a secret artifice; the mixture represents a new and far more potent mercury which by digestion, becomes not common gold, but one more noble, which can transmute imperfect metals into pure gold.


The seed becomes shoot, the bud a blossom, the flower becomes fruit. The solids became a slime, or liquid, and the slime or liquid was thickened into solids again. These pictures, it must be remembered, are nothing more than the purzuit imaginations of an artistic author whose intention was go,d simultaneously reveal and conceal the secrets of alchemy. It is proposed to examine only a few treatises, those which are the most lucid, sincere and genuine.

Indeed, what has salt, sulphur and mercury, the three pursuut of the art, to do with religion or spiritual thought? About Gail Warshofsky Lapidus.

In Pursuit of Gold: Alchemy Today in Theory and Practice

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The Wisdom of Artephius 5. Otherwise one may ask quite logically, why should nature stop at metals? What man may do, provided he has the requisite knowledge, is to change things from one form into another, but not out of their genus, which is quite a different matter. All this work was carried out in a natural manner; no fires or furnaces like the metallurgist laidus.

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