for CLASSICAL GUITAR. Arranged by Larry Beekman. CONTENTS. 4 ACROSS THE UNIVERSE. 6 ASK ME WHY. 8 COME TOGETHER. 10 CRY BABY CRY. for CLASSICAL GUITAR Arranged by Larry Beekman. CONTENTS 4 6 8 10 12 14 18 22 24 28 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 52 50 54 56 58 60 Strings By Mail Beatles for Classical Guitar – Guitar Solo by Larry Beekman – Series: Guitar Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation Arranger: Larry Beekman Artist.

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I’m particularly happy with my mini version of the upright bass part at the beginning. I arranged this wonderfully spooky at least I think it is tune by Cole Porter a long time ago and I still enjoy playing guittar. Forum rules Respect Copyrights: Walkin’ and Swingin’ is interesting because it actually uses the progression twice, in two different keys!

Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. One of them has 30 songs and the other has They are really top notch. I’ll get them from there. I learned the tune from a recording by the great pianist Marian McPartland.

Thanks for the tip. Originally shared by Larry Beekman – 3 comments.

Here’s one of the performances from my student recital on Saturday: There is a website for the Beekman book were they claim that a CD will be released soon with recordings of Larry Beekman playing all the pieces — although I signed up to be informed of the release about 6 months ago and have heard nothing. I wish there was a CD of how those are supposed to sound when played well. Post has shared content.

In fact it was a bit beyond my playing level but the bits I could pick out sounded quite good. I hope you enjoy it! Try searching this forum for “Beekman” you should come across some useful info. I arranged this one a long time ago, forgot about it, and then recently went back to it.


Beatles for Classical Guitar I compiled this collection mainly for my own benefit. I was pretty disappointed with the Hal Leonard book the arrangements seem to be mostly the melody and a bass line with very simple harmonies if any at all, its true that they do include most of the recognizable hooks from the original songs but still the few I attempted to play sounded too “lightweight”, I probably wouldn’t even be able to impress my mother with them.

Perhaps it’s a reprint of some sort?

John Lennon for Classical Guitar

I haven’t ordered it but the website looks to be up-to-date so I think it is gjitar valid place to buy the book. For example, in addition to being very catchy, “Kansas City” makes effective and creative use of augmented chords as well as the whole tone scale.

It’s funny, because I tell my students that fingerings are just suggestions, and then I sometimes forget to take my own advice! Also another book with the same name “Fingerpicking Beatles” classicall Eric Schoenberg. He does not jazz up or complicated the tunes.

And how about Stevn King’s arrangements?

Beatles for Classical Guitar, Guitar – Hal Leonard Online

Unable to load more. I hope you enjoy my arrangement! Any messages offering illegal material or links to sites that provide unauthorized, copyrighted material will be removed by the moderators. Board index All times are UTC.

Classical Guitar

I recently heard Graham Nash perform this one solo and decided to give it a try. I would never expect anyone to listen to all of these videos there are quite a few! I just joined the forum, and know thread is ancient In trying to research these two books it was very difficult to keep them straight, in part because A m a z o n and other retailers liked to mix and match the cover art work.

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Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker on our website. I think the J Clasical book is more ‘interpretive’ and strays further from the original recordings. The book becomes progressively more bealtes.

The Beatles – Classclef

It was fun going back to it and relearning it after several years. If anyone is on the market for that book and tries to buy it from there, let us know how it goes This tune is another example of how Richard Rodgers really knew what he was doing as a song writer.

There’s something magical about these four chords, because most people including me never seem to tire of them but I might be a bad example because I worked in a pizza restaurant for a long time and never got tired of pizza either.

And they are not too difficult for the most part. The Beatles for Classical Guitar arr. Although “Fingerpicking the Beatles” also seems to be liked. And yes, they are two distinct books with different songs Guitar Solo Paperback arr.

Larry Beekman Guitar Studio. The only dor I can see is that there are no lyrics which makes it harder to figure out “where you are” in the song, I’ve been playing the melody notes through first in order to get oriented. Classical Guitar Skip to content.

I’d never heard of the Eric Schoenberg transcriptions but was eager to find them and simply typed in “Fingerpicking Beatles by Eric Schoenberg” into Google and the very first page it returns has ordering information.

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