I looked in my bag and saw that I have been dragging the book SAD by Looch around for the last couple of months and have not yet read it. Looch is one of a small minority of mentalists who specialize in close up walk around mentalism. Having enjoyed his book and DVD set I was. From the mind of one of Mentalism’s rising stars comes an important book of practical, simple and direct mentalism. Why should you be interested in this book ?.

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To endlessly trace the roots for every move or concept in each new work would be impractical, un-readable, and in my view, not necessary. Then theres the question of the boards findings.

Maybe it’s that they’re both new but accomplished works taking mentalism in a new direction. If someone takes a published idea and writes up their own description, with credit to the originator, no laws have been broken. Because it features powerful, entertaining close-up mentalism that has been sharpened to a razor’s edge by constant use in the real world. This was NOT done in almost every instance in this book. Many of his routines are multi phased.

A S.A.D Night in Hamburg by Looch Instant Download

Looch is a nice and unassuming person, and in his books he shares with a great degree of simplicity what he thinks and what he does with his audiences. And his ideas published in these lecture notes make no exception. To answer your question, Jonathan Next comes the meat of the material oooch which Looch walks us through one of his own personal sets.

I believe that such swd embodiment would prove to be a powerful tool to aspiring writers and contributors in that it would lend to us a phenomenal data-base to work with and a kind of extended “team” that can help double-check and cross reference things making certain that all the t’ are cross and i’s dotted.


Now, we need to get the big guns to go for it. Anybody can realease into the open his own writings, particularly in magic where almost nothing is being patented or patentable for that matter.

Looch DVD vs. his book S.A.D…

The Internet and open communication is the only hope. The truth was buried in the June, Sphinx: And as you’ve read here, Nod to the Watch is excellent, really excellent, in that regard. Ead lecture notes have probably been the most important thing I’ve purchased with regards to helping me develop as a performer. They’ll swear you have a gift. It is this variant that disturbs me most in that I’ve seen it abused far too much in our world when it comes to competitions and community honors.

Luke wrote ‘Building Blocks’ when he wasn’t even 20, and it is without a doubt one of the best books on suggestion based effects I have ever come across. Reliable sources tell me, however, that calling someone a thief looc print, when there is no evidence of any theft in the legal sense, is definitely actionable. Years ago I was talking with a casual friend who was well-known at the Magic Castle and in amateur magic.

Then there is the published record that is not necessarily accurate as to who did what, when.

He, he we’re looking at a system similar to that medical information network they talk about in the TV commercials that allow doctors anywhere on earth to pull up a patient’s records or look at medical data on a particular person except we’re looking at techniques, effects and history Would this turn into an oversized game of Gotcha, that some enjoy playing?

My understanding is that once something is in print, it is fair game to reference and to express those ideas with credit if they are being used in a new way by a new writer.


The book is well produced with glossy cover and pages.

Thus, much of what the board would do would be subjective opinion instead of determiners of facts. Subscriptions Top Inventors 1.

Take a look at our Return Policy. While the principles may not be new, his straightforward approach is refreshing. Then the creative upcoming inventors looh have a body of experts to whom they could submit their work for researching the prior art.

Highly recommended to anyone wanting to develop themselves as a close-up performer Report this review Pro Privacy ON login to see reviewer names on May 26th, What can I say, having been a fan of Looch’s material since I read S. View our magic tricks index. Then, there come the routines —very nice stuff, and very well explained.

These lecture notes were initially only available to the GEM, but now after 5 years they are being made available to Penguin customers. The Board would accept submissions from all creators, young and old, as it should be. The Other Brothers While I’m sure that a young, first-time author such as Looch will benefit and learn from some of your criticism, I think that calling him a thief is unjustified.

In all, there are over a dozen complete ‘Simple and Direct’ routines, plus three bonus effects, along with Looch’s thinking on his approach to working with billets, books, playing cards and other props in a mentalism context.

The point being, if you didnt know him and hadnt heard the story, the other guy would have the credit for the invention. Were you to use a double lift in an effect, would you credit the originator? Shop with confidence thanks to our Price Matching Policy.