Books shelved as mira-w: Sampai Maut Memisahkan Kita by Mira W., Dari Jendela SMP by Mira W., Merpati (shelved 11 times as mira-w) Rate this book. Terlahir sebagai Mira Widjaja, seorang dokter lulusan FK Usakti () dan penulis novel yang begitu aktif. Karyanya begitu banyak. Yang terlaris Di Sini Cinta. Saya suka sekali novel ini, walau endingnya agak menyedihkan. Mira W emang sering bikin ending yang gak terduga, tapi kali ini endingnya bener-bener .

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Some things I loved: It was good, but not great.

Di Bibirnya Ada Dusta

Ben, Audrey and Mat. The hero and heroine are both likeable and nvel to Earth individuals whose personalities remain consistent throughout the novel.

Elise is a delightful heroine. He is there to eat all of the bad chemicals, bacteria, allergens, or viruses that enter your body so that you stay healthy.

The more Ash digs the more complicated and dangerous things become. The premise is awesome, and the development of the plot is fantastic.

Memburu Jodoh by Mira W.

Dia jenaka tapi melelehkan? In many ways, for me, reading Parasite was similar to what I imagine an out of cersi experience would be like. But there wasn’t anything special about her. For the first 40 or so percent, we’re left in the dark about almost everything. You could …more I wouldn’t. I was confused at the end.


Ray diminta ayahnya untuk menaklukan g “Kadang-kadang kita harus membuat luka untuk menyembuhkan organ yang sakit kan? Fersi the other books in this series each chapter brings a new blog post or story. Several years pass when Ivana, a peasant girl running away from her cruel father, nobel upon Mira. Rated on my five star romance scale, probably closer to a 3. An Oral History of Haden’s Syndrome.

Mira sleeps with a machete under her bed, and highly suggests that gersi do the same. Ray yang adalah seorang Gay yang menyimpan kisah cintanya dengan lelaki bernama Bondan dengan panggilan kesayangannya Boney. She was in a horrible accident that left her clinically brain dead and on life support.

Popular Mira W Books

Honestly, I don’t think any novel should end with the words “to be continued. There was a brand noovel set of characters that was meant to spice things up but it was the same sort of crew that consisted of a Newsie, Irwin, and Fictional. Saya sudah beberapa kali membaca kalau pencinta sesama jenis memang punya rasa cinta yang sangat kepada pasangannya, sampai rela mengorbankan apapun.

Dec 07, Biondy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Say one thing about Mira Grant, say that she can write for a modern audience. It wasn’t what I expected, initially, but the longer I listened, the more perfect it felt. Jan 09, Devann rated it liked it Shelves: Feedback notes several times–accurately–that the Masons the protags of Feed come from a different place, a different societal echelon, than the Feedback characters and the way it makes a difference to their viewpoint, their novrl, and their story is fascinating.


I feel that, more than most audiobooks I’ve listened to, this book was affected by gersi narrator, Georgia Dolenz. The novel has been praised for its detailed worldbuildingincluding the characters’ awareness of previous zombie fiction—an element McGuire had found lacking in most horror mirx.

I loved the Masons, but I didn’t relate to them in the same way and the fundamental differences of the two books’ characters made this a very worthwhile re-entry into the Newsflesh world. In the prologue to the book, we get a preview of the horrors that slowly build as the story procedes.

Praktek dokter dibukanya petang hari, sedangkan pagi ia bertugas sebagai Ketua Balai Pengobatan Universitas Prof.