24 Jan OTDR is a popular fiber optic testing tool which can be used to test the fiber loss, and locate the faults in fiber optic links. However, the OTDR. 17 Apr Optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) is an optoelectronic instrument used to characterize an optical fiber. It can help you understand the. 8 Apr The DTX Compact OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) is a module that snaps onto the Fluke Networks DTX Cable Analyzer.

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Assuming a normal fiber attenuation of 0.

The Introduction of EXFO OTDR – Tutorials Of Fiber Optic Products

This dead zone might be hundreds or thousands meters long. If powerful optical pulses are inserted into optical fiber, pulse width of the launched optical signal will be increased, which will cause the dead zone at a length of fiber and affect the testing result of OTDR. Troubleshooting network connection problem is a daunting and time-consuming task without right tools. Want to know more, welcome to our website: Fluke network testers can be used to monitor and analyze enterprise networks and telecommunications networks, as well as the composition of the network infrastructure installation and certification of the fiber and copper.

Contact Us Find our locations and get connected with us closely. OTDR fiber tester works indirectly by using a unique phenomena of fiber to imply loss, unlike fiber optic light sources and power meters which measure the loss of the fiber optic cable plant directly by duplicating the transmitter and receiver of the fiber optic transmission links.

Nowadays, there are a lot of OTDRs of different models available on the market, but these are complex devices and fiber optic testing, by the fact that its characteristics and capabilities vary widely, can be a problem to decide the tool test is best for each installation.

The choice of an OTDR is based on gutorial relatively simple guideline: Cisco is the early leader in G Ethernet switch port.


If the wavelength is known, it is proportional to the signal of pulse width, the longer backscattering, the stronger power.

Thus it can create a display of the amount of backscattered light at any point in the fiber. Any additional losses such as connectors and fusion splices have the effect of suddenly reducing the transmitted power on the fiber and hence causing a corresponding change in backscatter power.

Assuming an ordinary attenuation of 0. It can continuously measure the returned power level and hence deduce the losses encountered on the fiber. TDead zones originate from reflection events connectors, mechanical splices, etc. At any point in time, the light the OTDR sees is the light scattered from the pulse passing through a region of the fiber. It is very important to understand when we need an OTDR and when it is not appropriate.

To measure and characterize small links or locate faults in cables and patch cords, it is best to have the attenuation dead zone as small as possible.

If you have any requirements please contact us at sales fs. It may be used for estimating the fiber ootdr and overall attenuation, including splice and mated-connector losses.

OTDR Testing Archives – Tutorials Of Fiber Optic Products

As a result of this saturation, there is a part of the fiber ofdr for reflection after the event you can not “see” the OTDR, here comes the term dead zone. They can be used to mark distances or even calculate the back reflection of connectors or splices, another parameter we want to test in single mode systems. Tutlrial parameter is important because it defines the ultimate distance accuracy and ability OTDR troubleshooting. However, proper instrument operation and interpretation of an OTDR trace still requires special technical training and experience.

The Introduction of EXFO OTDR

Rayleigh scattering power is related to the wavelength of emission signal, the shorter wavelength, the stronger power. That is the job of the source and power meter. About Us Meet us and know our mission, belief, service and more.


When specifying OTDR performance, analysis of the dead zone is very important to ensure that the entire link is measured. Remember the light has to go out and come back, so you have to factor that into the time calculations, cutting the time in half and the loss calculations, since the light sees loss both ways.

The OTDR has a great deal of difficulty resolving features in the short cables of a LAN and is more often than not simply confusing to the user.

Meet us and know our mission, belief, service and more. Let the OTDR dead zone occur in the launch cable to ensure the accurate testing result. That is a reflection from a connector, splice or the end of the fiber. In this way, the OTDR dead zone will happen in this additional optical fiber. A length of long enough optical fiber is being added between the OTDR and the fiber under otcr.

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If you need more backscattered light to get good measurements, you can increase the pulse peak power or pulse otvr as shown in the picture. With the development of FTTx, optical fiber developed quickly. If a long fiber link is required to be tested, a lot of optical power should be inserted into the optical fiber to make sure that the light can be seen at the other end. OTDR uses the backscattered light to make its measurements.

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