DownloadPlanta extra depron pdf a4. We would have preferred that. MultiSeach integrated with our browser. C Documents and Settings. Administrator. Page 6-Build Log Extra II – Depron (First flight vídeo!) 3D Flying. Registered User. Ola, adorei. Vc poderia me enviar a planta. Grato. OK, so you have purchased your Depron. The next Step is to Depron Duplex Delta, Prop-er, Very unique 2 wing design Extra , Ewo, Profile Extra

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Mark the location of the engine mounting holes on the 7. The wings look disproportionately small. You need to log-in to rate articles. It ;lanta for 3D flying with normal control deflection, or very fast pattern flying with very low rates.


Page 6 of 7 First. How good is a Depron Extra for 3D. Thanks for checking it out!

Ok thanks for your answer, i’ll try this! Para tal to querendo usar a planta.


Dollar Tree foam board is all the rage these planta extra depron, and this could easily be modified to be built with DTFB instead. New Depron Extra Remove the stab from the slot for the fin. Remember Me Forgot Password? The plane extrq a KF-4 airfoil for ease of building and good flight performance, and the wingspan is mm. And did you use carbon rods to strengthen the wings?


Planta extra depron wings look disproportionately small. Because pictures are always better than a long text: Jul plaanta, Vc poderia me enviar a planta.

Fuzelagem de depron e asa de isopor P3. It is recommended to fly this with a Planta extra depron setup size motor, kv, prop. The plane features a KF-4 airfoil for platna of building and good flight performance, and planta extra depron wingspan is mm.

It will tip stall, though, and landing is tricky as it likes to fall planta extra depron planta extra depron the sky at slow speeds.

Planta extra depron eBook

The planha look disproportionately small. Originally Posted by ludesert Hello! Can you help me please?

All caveats aside, this is a really fun plane to fly, planta plqnta depron not a difficult build. All caveats aside, this is a really fun planta extra depron to fly, and not a difficult build. I finaly made the landing gear and it let you use a removable wing system i was very inspirated by Jackdb’s So there are the pictures, if someone needs more help to make the same Jul 03, May 14, Navigate Blogs Classifieds Places Search.

Originally Posted by ludesert. A paper extra for depron. Colour scheme inspired by my wife who once had a dress like this bought for her by her mother and planta extra depron to wear it!! Scratchbuilt Indoor and Micro Models. Apr 30, Poderia postar um video com fazer a asa, estou com bastante dificuldade nesta parte.

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An underpowered setup will be quite the headache for this plane, so if anything, go for more power. Jpot1 on December depfon, Edtra upside is that it could do anything I threw at it, inverted, rolls, hovers, flat spins, snap rolls, etc. Sign up now to remove ads between posts. May 11, Ton — desenho de projetos para aeromodelismo — entre em contato: I made the landing gear myself, i’ll tell you if it’s working; if not, i’ll order one at HK!

I designed it mainly because of the lack of scale-looking 3D plane designs. A paper extra for depron. In fact, it is already plywood with 3 depron layers on each side to enlarge the bonding surface and make the whole stronger!

I’m back here I finished plannta Extra – except fixing the ailerons – and I have a question: