Sep 1, Dan Holohan: Heating Help · Kenny Chapman: Blue Collar Coach · Adams Hudson: Marketing Strategies The boiler is not what we need to pump away from. It follows that the circulator should “pump away” from this point. What Hydronics Taught Holohan: A Memoir of Life in the Heating Industry. Nov 6, The Paperback of the Pumping Away and Other Really Cool Piping Options for Hydronic Systems by Dan Holohan at Barnes & Noble. Buy a cheap copy of Pumping Away and other really cool book by Dan Holohan . So begins Pumping Away, a book I wrote to describe the workings of hydronic.

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Sign into the forum Contractor Login. You leave the boiler with a full-size supply main and enter a tee.

This is a book that you’ll refer to again and again. That’s one of the best things about this piping arrangement. Pumping away dan holohan only tell you these things because they’re true. If you pipe Gil’s way, you’ll save time, money and never again have to bleed radiators.

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You take the money you were going to spend on the other purge valves and you go buy something nice pumping away dan holohan yourself. I wouldn’t want you to do it for any other reason. And I guarantee that.

It usually takes me over an hour to get rid of the air, and that’s what I thought would happen here, but I was willing to give it a shot because I figured you had nothing to gain by lying to me. Get Listed on HeatingHelp.

The first part deals with boiler-room piping and explains how pum;ing can put the discoveries of the late, great Gil Carlson to work for you. In most cases, you’ll find you don’t have to go upstairs to bleed the radiators. There’s a lot in it for you. There’s gotta be holohsn in it for pumping away dan holohan. That’s going to be the purge valve for your system. If you have a dozen zones, do this a dozen times.


The second half of the book takes the “Pumping Away” boiler-room piping design and applies it to a delicious menu of piping options. Not hloohan Pumping away dan holohan doubted you or anything. Thousands of installers have reported great success by following the principles in the first part of this book.

When you start the system, the pumps will add their differential pressure to the system’s static fill pressure and move whatever air comes out of pumping away dan holohan heated water back to the air separator.

It’s been one of my best-selling books for years.

I wish I could take credit but the genius was Gil Carlson’s. Now, come off the side of the tee, keeping the pipe full size as you go, and install either a ball valve or a gate hoohan.

Pumping Away Piping

Pumping Away Piping Sharing. Next, open the feed valve and the tee-mounted boiler drain. That’s the point of no pressure change, the only place in pumping away dan holohan system where the pump can’t affect the feed valve. You’ll be using this valve for service, as well as for your initial air purge. You push it all in one pumping away dan holohan.

Want to read more? Toggle navigation Answers in minutes. You’ll attach it to, or very near the air separator. One guy took me up on this challenge a few years ago. Sign up for weekly tips from Dan Holohan, industry news, and exclusive discounts. I’ll show you how to use a plain-steel tank in a minute. And that’s why I’d like you to give this piping arrangement some consideration.

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The system will run quietly, with no pinging or waterfall sounds. He tried it on a diverter-tee system and then he called me at home.

You’ll be doing it all from the basement – even pumping away dan holohan diverter-tee systems! Since you’ve read this far, I figure you holohaj be pretty open-minded. I wrote this book to describe the beautiful workings of hydronic heating systems and I tried to use words that made the subject spring to life in a visual way.

The air will zip through the boiler and leave the system by way of the tee-mounted boiler drain. It’s like firing torpedoes. Your air separator comes next. It lets you power purge toward the system piping and up through the bottom of the boiler. Then, open one zone at a time. If you’re using a scoop- or orifice-type pumping away dan holohan separator, you’ll need to allow 18 inches of straight, full-size horizontal pipe at the inlet to the air separator.

Systems Help Center Search Search. They need it to pumping away dan holohan the maximum efficiency out of their units.

Here, I’m using two, but you can have as many as you’d like.