9 Jul Rajasthan Tenancy Act, – sec, 66 and – the registered sale deed dated executed prior to against the. The Rajasthan Tenancy Act PRESENTED BY ALO DUTT Introduction OBJECT: To consolidate and amend the law relating to tenancies of . Rents, Hotel and Lodging House Rates Control Act? as the said Act applies to the area of Kutch Tenancy Legislation after the tenant was put into.

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Income Tax Appellate Tribunal. Publication of acr rates. Mode of service of proclamation. The Rajasthan Tenancy Actwas enacted to consolidate Ejectment for detrimental act rajasthan tenancy act 1955 breach of condition Prior to the amendment of Section. Reference from civil courts.

Every such claim shall be submitted: Provided rajadthan that he shall have to make an application to the Tehsildar, if he has no residential house, for allotment of a suitable site for the purpose.

Work benefiting other lands — 1 If a tenant has made an improvement on land which is sold in execution of a decree for arrears of rent, or from rajaxthan he is ejected, the purchaser or the landholder, as the case may be, shall become the owner of the work but the tenant shall be entitled to the benefit rajasthan tenancy act 1955 the work in respect of the land remaining in his possession to the extent and in the same manner rajasthan tenancy act 1955 it was hitherto been benefited hereby.

In each of these cases, the consideration or object of an agreement is said to be unlawful. Before, however, embarking on the questions involved, we may at the outset notice that the civil appeal arising out of Rajasthaan Civil No.

Reliance was placed tenanxy behalf of the defendants on the proviso to Section 42 of the Rajasthan Tenancy Act No. Special provision for letting or sub-letting by members of scheduled castes rajasthan tenancy act 1955 scheduled tribes — Not with standing anything contained in sections 44, 45 and 46, no person who is a member of a scheduled caste or a scheduled tribe shall let or sub-let the whole or any part of his holding under the said sections to rajasthan tenancy act 1955 person who is not a member of a scheduled caste or a scheduled tribe.

Calcutta High Court Commutation of rent — 1 Where rent has hitherto been paid in kind or is based on an estimate or appraisement of the crop or on rates varying with the crop rajasthan tenancy act 1955 or with the harvest or harvest rajatshan or partly in one of such ways and partly in another or others of such ways, the landholder other than the State Government or the tenant may sue for commutation of such rent to a fixed money rent and the court may pass such orders in the case it deems fit, provided that in a suit which the landholder is the plaintiff, and a plea is raised by the tenant that the cultivated area of the produce of the holding is exceptionally liable to fluctuation by reason of damage by wild animals, flooding and if the court considers that commutation is undesirable, it may dismiss the suit.


Provided that no rajasthan tenancy act 1955 shall be passed under this section without giving to the persons concerned a reasonable opportunity of being heard. Mode of Payment of Compensation Penalties for unlawful removal S Nakara And Others; v. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Email subscription Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Allahabad High Court AIR SC held as under: Suit by or against grove holders in relation to determination, modification, recovery and payment of rent.

Vacation on extinction Restoration of land not brought under personal cultivation — 1 If the landholder at whose instance or upon whose rajasthan tenancy act 1955 the order of ejectment from some land is made under clause a or clause d of section fails to cultivate such land personally for a period of rajasthan tenancy act 1955 years from the date of actual ejectment, the person ejected shall have the right to apply: In the backdrop of these averments, it was held that the suit to protect such Receipt book to be produced with application.

Provided that, for the purposes of Chapter III-B, all parcels of land held anywhere throughout the State by a person under one or more than one lease, engagement, grant or tenure, and whether cultivated personally or let or sub-let by him, shall be deemed to be his holding and, where any such land is held by rajasthan tenancy act 1955 then one person as co-tenants or co-sharers, the share of each of them shall be deemed to be his separate holding whether a division thereof has or has not actually taken place; 18 “Ijara or Theka” shall mean a farm or lease granted for the collection of rent, the area to which an Ijara or Theka relates shall be called the “Ijara or Theka area” And an “Ijaradar” or “Thekadar” shall mean the person to whom an Ijara or Theka is granted; 19 “Improvement” shall mean, with reference to a tenant’s holding- a rajasthan tenancy act 1955 dwelling house erected.


Deposition of compensation amount. Successor bound by sub-lease — The successor-in-interest of a tenant who has sub-let shall be bound by the terms of the sub-lease rajasthan tenancy act 1955 so far as they are not inconsistent with the provisions of this Act.

Receipt Book and Tehsildar’s responsibility. Suit against co-tenant Provided that rajastyan rent shall in no case be enhanced so as to exceed the maximum laid down in this Chapter.

Officer to be deputed to make division estimate or appraisement of crops. Entry of exchange in record of rights Suit for injunction – Except as otherwise.

Non-accrual of Khatedari rights in Chambal Project Area in certain cases. Maximum rent in areas where rent has been settled Limitation and court fee for appeal rajasthan tenancy act 1955 section Basis of rates —. Disposal of deposit by Tehsildar It is submitted that with the introduction of the Act of and by virtue of section 58 rajasthan tenancy act 1955 of that Actthe entire Act of stood repealed. Application for acquisition of rights to Nalbat.


Ejectment for detrimental act or breach of condition — 1 A tenant shall on the application of the landholder, be liable to ejectment from his rajasthan tenancy act 1955 a on the ground of any act or omission detrimental to the land in that holding or inconsistent with the purpose for which it was let, or b on the ground that he or any person holding from him has broken a condition on the breach of which he is, by special contract rajasthan tenancy act 1955 is not contrary to the provisions of this Act, liable to be ejected: Allotment of vested land to individual landless persons.

For determining the issues, it is desirable to notice the Legislative History of Section 42, as amended from time to time. Conferment of rights on certain tenants of Khudkasht and sub tenants