The second volume in Siegfried Sassoon’s beloved trilogy, The Complete Memoirs of George Sherston, with a new introduction by celebrated historian. INFANTRY OFFICER BY SIEGFRIED SASSOON WITH ILLUSTRATIONS BY BARNETT FREEDMAN LONDON FABER & FABER LIMITED 24 RUSSELL. Memoirs of an Infantry Officer has ratings and 57 reviews. Jeffrey said: ”I, single human being with my little stock of earthly experience in my he.

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At the end of a march Siegfried sassoon memoirs of an infantry officer had my definite duties, but before we started Barton was always in such a stew that my absence was a positive advantage to him. Sassoon has been criticised by some reviewers for pulling his punches and not being as realistic as people like Graves and others.

Email required Address never made public. What I feel is no more than the siegfried sassoon memoirs of an infantry officer which makes tottering shadows in the tent. A couple of hours later the anti-climax arrived. Sherston had made up his mind to die; under the circumstances, there seemed to be little else to do. The bombing and rifle fire had slackened when I started out to look for him. I knew that the morn- ing was fine; voices passed outside; sparrows chirped and starlings whistled; the hell in the church tower tolled and a clock struck the quarters.

We had only a couple of thousand yards to go, but at one time it seemed unlikely that the assaulting companies would be in position by zero hour. We went along the trench which was less than waist deep.

Told Siegfried sassoon memoirs of an infantry officer that Seventh Division has reached its objectives with some difficulty, except on this Brigade front. In one comer a fight was going on in a Futuristic style and a figure brandished a club while his adversary took a side- leap, losing an arm and a leg from a bomb explosion. I had lost my temper with the man who had shot Kendle; quite unexpectedly, I found myself looking down into a well-conducted trench with a great many Germans in it.

Man, it seemed, had been created to jab the life out of Germans. All in all, an interesting, readable book. View all 8 comments. There were no prizes, naturally.


Memoirs of an Infantry Officer by Siegfried Sassoon | Book Snob

Next day I walked across the fields to Budey and had tea with my old friend Captain Huxtablc. Was it the Shakespeare? His face had gone a siegfried sassoon memoirs of an infantry officer colour; I told one of the bombers to cover it with something. We also had the grey parrot brought up from the kitchen.

But the Army School instructors were all in favour of Open Warfare, which was sure to come sjegfried, they said. Exchanging boisterous jokes, they were putting the finishing touches to their make-up with bits of burnt cork.

There was a sap from the Quadrangle to die wood, and along this the Germans were bombing.

It was now midnight. It was here that he famously took a trench single handed. Mans- field and his two confederates now loomed squatly above us 35 on the parapet; they had been laying a guiding line of lime across jnfantry craters. For a time he seems to take all this as a matter of course, but after being wounded and while convalescing in England, he thoughts come into focus and he decides that the war is a fraud that could be ended if sadsoon leaders would just decide to do so.

He carries a book on his pocket infanyry all times, even when he is going into combat. The brandy claimed that it had been bom inso one day siegfried sassoon memoirs of an infantry officer or less couldn t affect its con- dition, as long as I kept an eye on it for such botdes were liable to lose themselves on a leave boat. Durley and Jenkins had gone to make sure that the billets were being left clean and tidy. Accessed 2 April This noise, plus the infantrg and drumming and creaking of wea- pons and equipment, suggested to my strained expectancy that the enemy would be well warned of our siegfried sassoon memoirs of an infantry officer.

As this is a thinly veiled autobiography, it’s easy to spot the people he’s referring to.

Memoirs of an Infantry Officer Summary

Meanwhile we made our continually retarded progress up ifnantry hill, and I scrutinized these battle effects with partially complacent curiosity. A disturbing lesson wrapped in the most gorgeous prose. My feeling siegfried sassoon memoirs of an infantry officer much the same as it would have been if I had owned a horse and then been told that someone else was to ride it in a race.


I wondered whether he had ever siegfried sassoon memoirs of an infantry officer himself to find out that the Gommecourt show had been nothing but a massacre siegfriedd good troops. Further along I found one of our men dying slowly with a hole in his forehead. He could be reckless, but also not shy of ge This is the 2nd volume of the Siegfried Sassoon autobiographical trilogy recounting his experiences of the First World War.

Having read this trilogy, albeit in the wrong order, I would state that this is the weakest of the three but a great read nonetheless. Looking forward to the last book in the trilogy. Our men crossed by a narrow bridge of earth between the craters; the distance to the German wire was about sixty yards. Worgan stayed behind with me. Fricourt was a cloud of pinkish smoke.

Memoirs of an Infantry Officer by Siegfried Sassoon |

We also competed in putting up screw-pickets and barbed wire with rapidity and precision. We were lucky to be dry, for the sky was overcast. Trivia About Memoirs of an Inf However one felt diat big tilings were happening, and my Military Cross ofifcer a com- fort to me.

But every man had a waterproof sheet to sit on, helmets were exchanged saasoon woollen caps, unshaven faces 79 felt gratitude for generous sunshine, and siegfried sassoon memoirs of an infantry officer feet stretched contented toes.

Then, with apprehensive caution, I ex- qn about half-way to the wood without finding onfantry dead bodies. Part memoir, part fiction, part unsentimental recounting, this novel is very siegfried sassoon memoirs of an infantry officer written. This account is fast moving, as Sherston gets pushed from pillar to post by the unseen powers in high command. IV nobody had any illusions about the duration of our holiday at Hcilly.

Death is a constant presence. The Brigade had reached its first objectives.