26 Jan The verses of Soundarya Lahari should not be interpreted merely as a poem. The first sloka of Ananda Lahari goes thus: Sanskrit Text. 8 மார்ச் Soundarya Lahari – Sloka 25 – To get power. Sanskrit Text: त्रयाणां देवानां त्रिगुणजनितानां तव शिवे. भवेत्पूजा पूजा. The Soundarya Lahari (Sanskrit: सौन्दर्यलहरी) meaning “The Wave of Beauty” is a . Soundaryalahari shloka and its translation · Kanchi Mutt Sri Jayendra Swamigal chanting Soundarya Lahari · Why one should chant Soundarya Lahari?.

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Of the feelings of love, He gives lot of happiness. Would forever live, In that world where rays of sun and moon do not enter, But which has its own luster, And which is beyond the sight of the eye, But is different from the world we see. The Indras close their eyes one after one, And attain the wake less sleep, During the final deluge, But you my chaste mother, Play with your consort the Sadashiva japo jalpah silpam sakalamapi mudraviracana gatih pradaksinya-kramana-masanadya huti-vidhih pranamah samvesah sukhamakhila-matmarpana-drsa saparya paryaya-stava bhavatu yanme vilasitam 1 1 27 1 1 27 Realization of self and ultimate truth Sanxkrit the mutterings that I do.

Resembling the Bimba fruits, And are colored red inside. Which are strained by your heavy breasts, And hence slightly bent, And which look like the tree. Which treats and cools it down. Enjoy waves after waves, Of happiness supreme. Are the nectar filled pot made of rubies, For The elephant faced ssnskrit, And he who killed Kraunchasura, Even today do not know the pleasure of women, And remain as young children.

That the Goddess Lakshmi, Enters the blooming blue Lily flowers. Articles containing Sanskrit-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from July The fruits of the red cucurbit.


On the dot of the holy wheel, Your two busts just below, And you as the half of Shiva our lord, Not only Creates waves of emotion in ladies. While Shankara was returning after visiting Kailash, Nandi stopped him on the way.

Are termed as the Lord of the Goddess of wealth. This is so true, oh mother. His verses not only praise the beauty, grace and generosity of the goddess Suondarya, but they are a real manual that discusses various tantric rituals, mantras and yantras. Which shine like those written by great ones, And which have the sweet scent Of the face of the goddess of knowledge.

The Soundarya Lahari Sanskrit: At the hard crown of Vishnu, Who killed the ogre Kaidaba, Avoid the crown of Indra”, When you get up and rush in a hurry, To receive thine lord who comes to your place.

Satyam Param Dheemahi: Soundarya Lahari – Sloka 25 – To get power

Long live your pretty hips, Which look fragile, Which are by nature tiny. The Theosophical Publishing House. Or lqhari it the root of the climber, Of the stream of your hair line, Which has two breasts of yours as buds. Discourses on the Soundaryalahari”. From the mind of he who destroyed the three cities. Which is burnt by Rudhra like the sun of the deluge.

But Adi Shankara had seen some part of the writings and with his superior mind recollected the rest. By the frequent embrace of thy Lord, Who destroyed the three cities. To enhance thine beauty, Wear the three qualities, Of satvarn, rajas and thamas, As if to recreate the holy trinity, Of Vishnu, Brahma and Rudra, After they become one with you, During the final deluge. Which tease the redness of freshly opened lotus? Who considers you, Who is of the form of rays, And is surrounded on all four sides, By the angels of power called Anima Sansorit his soul always, And who considers the wealth of the three eyed God, As kahari and as equal to dried grass.


Is filled with anger when looking at Ganga, The other wife of your Lord, Is filled with wonder, when hearing the stories of your Lord, Is filled with fear, when seeing the snakes worn by your Lord, Is filled with red color of valor of the pretty lotus fine, Is filled with jollity, when seeing your friends, And filled with mercy, when seeing me. And also disappears himself, And Sadashiva blesses them all, By your order given to him, By a momentary move of your eyebrows.

The chain of white pearls worn below.

Soundarya Lahari

Becomes the bed spread on which you sleep, And appears red, because slokss reflects your colour. But Shambu thy consort, Who swallowed poison that is potent, Does never die, Because of the greatness, Of thine ear studs.

And the God of love, Manmatha, Took the form which is like nectar. The swans in your house, Follow you without break, As if to learn, Your sansktit which is like a celestial play. Curing diseases caused by water Hey daughter of the ice mountain. By the light of your nails.

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