should have added an interview with Studs. Terkel, who performed a heroic job of work working. People Talk About What They. Do All Day and How They. Working has ratings and reviews. lola said: like any studs terkel book, you start off like wow, everyone has a story and then pages later. 12 Jun Studs Terkel. For better or worse, the world that Studs Terkel captured forty years ago in his brilliant oral history of American workers, Working.

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Office work was sales or bureaucracy or management, not the mind work that it often is today, and has itself been often altered dramatically by automation.

‘Working’ Then And Now: Studs Terkel’s Book Interviews Resurface As Audio

I led a useless life. There are many professions which no longer exist, mostly due to automation.

He flew out to Chicago and told Terkel he wanted to adapt the book into a musical. It’s comforting, as Lewis observes, to know we are not alone. But Smith was also wary of the dangers of this division: Renault Robinson retired from the force inand still lives in Chicago.

As a consequence, there was a sharp distinction between blue collar and white collar work, with the perception that office terksl was higher paid and more desirable even if it was denigrated as less “real work” than hard work with your hands. Terkel was bemused but gave his approval.

Dec 27, Matthew rated it it was amazing. Three things come to mind when I reflect on why it made such an impact on me: And even when they do sometimes it’s depressing the lives they lead and stuff. Social attitudes and race relations have changed; maybe not as much as we’d like, but it’s oddly encouraging to see that they really were worse back then.


Kay Stepkin, director of bakery cooperative, says: Terkel was terkkel for his efforts to preserve American oral history. Jul 28, Niki Haworth rated it really liked it.

The Polish white families are “wonderful” and the two black families she has had contact with are “sweet” ie docile while “the Spanish” by which she means Puerto Ricans are “terrible and destructive.

He was intrigued by the fact that Working shone a light on those who tend to be invisible. However, the fact that this book w I’m a fan of wworking Studs Terkel and of oral histories, so this book was a win-win for me. The station had other things as well, including Studs’ interviews of personalities and more ordinary people.

Radio Diaries The Working Tapes of Studs Terkel – Radio Diaries

But now I have a vague stid of what that experience was like, and I feel a little less limited. A bit of a leftist himself, the McCarthy perseculations of the fifties threw him out of the networks and into the arms of “Chicago’s f My father died recently, just short of his 94th birthday. I feel better at it than I did at the office.

I have to admit that the short pieces was also appealing to me, I workingg to pick out a story or two read them, put it down, pick out another Why would anybody ever want to read that? Naturally, sometimes during that conversation he’s going to ask about your occupation, what you do for a living.

Studs Terkel’s Working – new jobs, same need for meaning | Books | The Guardian

I hope someone carries his mantle forward. But I imagine the frustration and sense of being trapped or having made the wrong decisions remain. This book is a wake up call not to judge people by what they do. Most of the jobs are still around in some form. I certainly don’t feel myself old or near end of career at 56 today, even though age discrimination remains today as it was then a real issue.


Working: People Talk about What They Do All Day and How They Feel about What They Do

Many jobs are “too small for one’s spirit. It is an exploration of what makes work meaningful for people in all walks of life, from Lovin’ Al the parking valet, Dolores the waitress, the fireman, to the business executive.

But frankly it is far too long and should have been edited read: What makes us happy. Because I’m so OCD, Teriel will never just stop reading a book in the middle, even one like this which really lends itself to being read in bits and pieces rather tha A few months ago, I went through my Amazon wishlist and ordered a bunch of books that had languished there for many years.

Nearly pages of often moving, intense interviews with workers across all sectors and income levels, Working functions both as an important historical document and impetus for raising vital questions about how we spend our time on this planet. We even read the ramblings etrkel a “hippie”–ie dissatisfied young man who subconsciously or maybe not thinks he should be paid for