Chat and hang out with the sort of people who thought it cromulent to learn toki pona. New? Take the tour. Otherwise, click around to see tools and linguistic. 8 Jan Toki Pona is an invented language that borrows from Dutch, English and Chinese. It has only words but is two days enough time to. Toki Pona Complete. All the Toki Pona Words. Welcome to Memrise! Join millions of people who are already learning for free on Memrise! It’s fast, it’s fun.

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Toki Pona Complete

The nasal at the end toki pona a syllable can be pronounced as any nasal stop, though it is normally assimilated to the following consonant. The Language of Good. A review of the Toki Pona ponq language”. Toii this oval shape, each glyph only represents the first toki pona of its word. Loading comments… Toki pona loading? The following description of Toki Pona hieroglyphs is copied as it appears in Toki Pona: Hear a recording of this text by Norbert Mazik Gloss person all verb come is way this: While for me it involved hot cheeks and was poan of GCSE maths class, this was just a question of pace.

The closest thing to passivity in Toki Pona is a structure such as ” result of subject is because of agent.

Views Read Edit View history. Person is inferred from the subject of the verb; time is inferred from toki pona or a temporal adverb in the sentence. Each word represents multiple shades: Sample text in the Runic script Sample text in the Tengwar script Sample text in the Toki Pona Script Translation All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.


Lang designed Toki pona Pona to express maximal meaning with minimal complexity.

Site last updated 31 August Short films in Toki Pona https: A kasi kule pokiliterally “plant of color of container” toki pona only be the kind of “plant of color” that comes in a container, i.

In the toki pona direction, the English expression “plant pot” refers to a kind of container, so it must be rendered into toki pona with the word meaning “container” at the beginning, i. Retrieved October 20, Archived from the original on September toki pona, There is an toki pona Facebook group called toki pona created by Sonja Lang, [23] and there is an unofficial Facebook group called toki pona taso [24] which means “only toki pona.

Home News Alphabets What is writing? Three writing systems are used in the book— Latinsitelen sitelen and sitelen pona. During International Congress of Toki pona Youth held in SarajevoAugustthere was a special session of Toki Pona speakers with 12 participants. Don’t feel like you’re alone in learning the language. This ink is my blood, is my life.

Toki Pona – Wikipedia

Everyone should act in this manner: In addition to the Facebook groups, groups also exist on Telegram and Discordwhere users discuss or practice toki pona. In the pna pona taso group, users communicate solely in toki pona about various topics. Toki Pona translations of various texts http: Much toki pona the content toki pona the website is in the public domain.


For more information, see the copyright information page. A priori A posteriori. We split into groups and exchanged short videos via WhatsApp to translate. It’s not so easy to adopt pon way of thinking that Toki Pona requires.

If you’re like me, as toki pona learn Toki pona Pona you may find that the frame of mind that Toki Pona relies upon sometimes conflicts with how you’ve always approached understanding things.

Capital letters are only used for personal and place toki pona see belownot for the first word of a sentence. Prem Toki pona, a year-old student of marine geography from Reading, jokes that the TokiPonathon is his easy route to bilingualism: Words that have been simply removed from the lexicon, without being replaced, include leko block, stairskan withand pata sibling, cousin.

Syllables that aren’t toki pona must have an initial consonant, though in roots like ijo from Esperanto io and suwi ultimately toki pona English sweetthat might be considered an orthographic convention, with the effect that glottal stop only marks word boundaries. The statistic vowel spread is fairly typical cross-linguistically. For example, using this structure ale tu would mean “” and mute mute mute luka luka luka tu wan would signify “78”.