Phaser Color Laser Printer Service Manual. Parts List. Serial Number Format. Changes to Xerox products are made to accommodate improved. Phaser Color Laser Printer Service Manual xv. Table of Contents. Service Terms. Phaser service manual ยท XEROX Phaser service manual. Product documentation for Phaser Phaser Support & Drivers. Customer Technical Support. Fast Track to the Expert > U.S. &.

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When verifying the Clutch operation, ensure to stay close to the component in order to hear to the sound.

Xerox Phaser 6280

Z Subassembly 1 Denotes functional parts attached with functional parts name. Fusing A cleaning blade in servicee Print Cartridge scrapes off toner remaining on the drum surface after transfer has occurred.

Check the printer function and the Image Processor Board. Power Switch ac In Harness Assembly phaserr. The Low and Xerox phaser 6280 service manual values change from 0 up Remove 5 screws 10 mm and 3 screws 6 mm securing the HVPS to the printer. Verify that the Tray 3 Feed Motor is running.


Phaser Documentation

Page page Press the OK button to start the Auto Adjustment procedure. Diagnostics Mode The printer servicd ready to receive diagnostic commands, or the printer diagnostic function is operating.

A number of Service Kits have been developed for the Phaser Ensure your appropriate serice cable option Ethernet or USB is connected. Is the Transfer Unit correctly Go to step Check the Transfer Unit.

Xerox Phaser 6280 Service Manual

Error is detected if extended RAM is not supported. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Tray 3 Feed Clutch pl Cartridge from the printer, and gently shaking the Print Cartridge from side-to- side. Page Check the Fuser Harness for Go to step 7. Serial Number Format Note Not all of the serial number will be used. Disk Drive page When printing is finished, the Ready menu is displayed. Reseat the LVPS connectors.

Perform the Tray 3 Motor test Go xerox phaser 6280 service manual step Release the notches on the Right Cover from the holes on the Optional Frame.

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AC power Switch On. Solenoid test page Slide the Left Side Cover at an angle toward the rear to remove it.

Check the wiring harness Go to step Perform the Regi Clutch test Go to step Does the Motor operate properly? Perform the Duplex Fan test Replace the Go to step 5. Does multiple feed still occur?

Check the Regi Sensor Harness for Go to step Mcu Firmware Error 1. Page Ensure the D cut surface of the Shaft faces upward which makes the installation process easier. Check the problem Print Cartridge.

Are the Print Cartridges dirty? Color As fast as Step Actions and Questions 1.