We have checked the contents of this manual for agreement with the hardware and .. Module SM (in our example 6ESKFAB0). • pin front. 14 Jul Product data sheet. 6ESKFAB0. -. SIMATIC S, ANALOG INPUT SM ,. OPTICALLY ISOLATED, 8AI,. RESOLUTION 9/12/ We’ve updated the eBay and PayPal User Agreements and Privacy Notices. Learn more 8 results for siemens 6es7 7kf02 0ab0. Save search Siemens.

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Data Sheet and 6es7331-7kf02-0ab0 manual Manual chapter 5. You have to configure 2 wire or 4 wire along with voltage or current input in hardware configuration to read signals correctly. I have to say, Siemens don’t make it easy!

This contribution 6es7331-7kf02-0ab0 manual helpful to 2 thankful Users Towome Markriko.

6ESKFAB0 AI Wiring – Entries – Forum – Industry Support – Siemens

This was indeed the problem, the drawing was for 2 wire, in reality the system was 4 wire!! Site Explorer Site 6es7331-7kf02-0ab0 manual.

Making links for 14 terminals is both msnual consuming and costly! New question published by tammu is split to a separate thread with the subject connect Th two wire transmitter with 6es7331-7kf02-0ab0 manual power supply to 7KF02 AI module. Attachment Siemens Analogue Card.


Check also if mamual measuring range module is pluged right. Product Support Services Forum 6es7331-7kf02-0ab0 manual. I’ll post later and let you know how I got on.

Cheers, everyone for the help. Hi, This is universal card.

Anyhow, I’m off to switch the wiring around, and hope there’s 6es7331-7kf02-0ab0 manual no damage to the card. Surely it wouldn’t be too hard to enable monitoring on a per channel basis.

I think I’ve discovered the issue we might 6es7331-7kf02-0ab0 manual having, the unit was installed to 6es7331-7kf02-0ab0 manual drawings we were issued, but I’m pretty certain it’s a 4-wire system 6es7331-7kf02-0ab0 manual the other end of the cables and not a 2-wire as the drawings suggest! I’m stuck in between wiring the panel to the drawings not knowing what’s connected at the other end: Hi new to Siemens so please be gentle.

When the transducer have thier power-supply not from the AI-Module through the wires for the measurement, it is a 4-wire-transducer. We only have five signals, so according to the manual I need to shot out 6es7331-7kf02-0ab0 manual inputs, but the channel 6es731-7kf02-0ab0 again why start at 0!!


This is universal card. We have 5 2 wire mA signals, and the rest of the inputs are spare. 6es7331-7kf02-0ab0 manual

Once again thanks for helping out. If for four wire 6es7331-77kf02-0ab0 need to link all the negative sides of the signal to 6es7331-7kf02-0ab0 manual, then why not do it within the square setting block you have to put in position to select the signal type.

I’d see the connection diagram beforebut it didn’t show what to do with unused channels and I thought this 6es7331-7kf02-0ab0 manual be the problemthe “manual” download does 6es7331-7kf02-0ab0 manual how to wire these, so thanks for that.

This contribution was helpful to 1 thankful Users Markriko. 6ea7331-7kf02-0ab0 everyone for your help. Currently trying to commission a Siemnes PLC and analogue card as above, can some please tell 6es7331-7kf02-0ab0 manual if the wiring diagram is correct.

I’m afraid this is what comes when too many people are involved with a project.

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