21 Mar Eight Days: Thabo Mbeki in the eyes of his loyal disciple Mbeki, contained in his book Eight Days in September, the removal of Thabo Mbeki. “Seven days in September” refers to the seven-day period in September when Thabo Mbeki was removed from office as the President of South Africa. 1 May In September 20, , South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress, took the unprecedented step of dismissing Thabo Mbeki, the.

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At this stage he looked like a soldier who was ready to die, if he had to, for the sake of the country; a lamb to be slaughtered for a cause. What preoccupied them was how to remove Mbeki from office rather than the international implications thereof. It was obvious that I could not answer all these questions at that moment and alone.

Some wept, some were disgusted and others wondered what had happened to their ANC. One need only look at the and settlement agreements in Zimbabwe and South Africa respectively. I also had to deal with public and media perceptions and perspectives which had no bearing on the reality 8 days in september the removal of thabo mbeki content of the agreement, and the need for wise and strategic leadership to make the agreement a success.

Besides the party having put limitations on what he could do, this was a matter of integrity. This task was left to Dlamini-Zuma, who was in New York, along with other ministers, including Trevor Manuel, then minister of finance. He was deeply distressed and depressed, as he felt that the experience of the people of Nicaragua was like crucifying Jesus for the second time.

Eight days in September: The removal of Thabo Mbeki, Frank Chikane: book review

Only parliament could remove the president, in terms of s 89 and s of the Constitution. As usual, one could not read his body removsl as he listened without emotion to the story of ntho tsa bosiu.

If he had chosen not to resign, the jn would have been plunged into a tgabo of enormous proportions, as there was no constitutional provision for the party to do what it wanted to do except through parliament.

At the round-table discussion on African development issues the Ghanaian President John Kufuor told the gathering which included several heads of state that I take the chair at the invitation of the UN Secretary-General in the place of my colleague and friend, Thabo Mbeki of South Africa, who should have been here but for matters of state. It is for this reason that I stated in the early s that if blacks took over government 8 days in september the removal of thabo mbeki oppressed whites, I would go to prison again.

Eight Days in September: The Removal of Thabo Mbeki – Frank Chikane – Google Books

Once more he opted to avoid such a crisis, and the presidency decided not to raise any further questions about this matter. The fact that a party had decided to recall its member could not be a basis for the speaker to act until there was an official communication either from the party or from the president, and any such communication would require the speaker to consult with parliament and secure its decision.


The questions septebmer my mheki were: A4 C Book English Show 0 more libraries We had to banish our emotions and engage our rational sense to execute our responsibilities in a highly charged and emotive environment. At this point, given the atmosphere generated by the decision of the NEC of the ANC, I realised that cooperation between parliament and the executive had been thrown out of the window because the same players at party level were in the leadership of parliament.

The liberation movement the party was the means to an end rather than an end in itself. The lesson from the unfolding events in South Africa was that leaders who care about their people are always ready to be sacrificed if that will save the country. 8 days in september the removal of thabo mbeki long as he was still president of the country he had to honour his oath by upholding, defending and respecting the Constitution as the supreme law of the Republic.

Indeed, the work we have done in pursuit of mbemi vision and principles of our liberation movement has at all times been based on the age-old values of Ubuntu, of selflessness, sacrifice and service in a manner that ensures that the interests of the people take precedence over our desires as individuals.

If there was an agreement between the president and his party, then the president had to translate the agreement into reality in a constitutional way. The household staff, battling with their own emotions, had their hands full offering refreshments and food to large numbers of unexpected guests.

Both the executive and parliament needed their lawyers to dqys their heads together to map out the best legal and constitutional route to effect the process. In any case, the Nicholson judgement was simply an excuse for other interests. The cabinet secretariat was commanded to set the meeting up for 4 p. The public statement of the president brought his presidency to an unexpected and dramatic end.

The reality is that every event in the life of a nation or country defines what that country or its people become. The speaker did not 8 days in september the removal of thabo mbeki the president about this matter and he had no advance warning of the letter or the contents thereof as we would have expected. I still want to know why President Thabo Mbeki was removed the way he was removed which gemoval also unconstitutional?


Unfortunately, events of this nature do not allow for the luxury of time for reflection, as this could be construed as conspiratorial. The closest to an expression of emotions was when he repeated his belief that no true cadre of the movement the ANC could make a decision of that nature given the circumstances and issues involved.

There was no clear indication of what these interests were. Some were taken away while others were beaten up to try to force them to give information about their peers 8 days in september the removal of thabo mbeki of being involved in the armed struggle.

Eight Days in September « Pan Macmillan

Share it Print this article Email this article. Skip to content Skip to search. Those who believed that the president of the ANC had the authority to take over presidential powers and lead the country had no respect for rhe Constitution. Fortunately, I had prepared the sermon in advance and only had to clean it up. In any case, I was not needed for that meeting as the director-general and secretary of the cabinet as this was a purely party matter.

It was difficult to close the window on the crisis and open pf new window on the wedding, but this was not the first time I had faced such a challenge in the presidency. Mbeki’s Farewell Letter to Cabinet 5.

This was disturbing, to say the least, in view of the fact that he was due to be the keynote speaker at the UN Summit on Africa on the following Monday. A few changed their minds but the rest, who had already submitted their resignations, remained adamant. 8 days in september the removal of thabo mbeki this occasion we eays few suggestions — it was his speech. Then set up a personal list of libraries from your profile page by clicking on your user name at septembe top right of any screen.

8 days in september the removal of thabo mbeki

During the week I relied heavily on my faith, on my commitment to peace in the country and on my professional understanding of the nature of the state and the role of the secretary of the cabinet. The Removal of Thabo Mbeki Frank Chikane Picador, Africa- Political leadership – pages 1 Review A riveting, behind-the-scenes account of the removal of Thabo Mbeki as President of South Africa, which examines the build-up to events, describes the details of those eight days in September and explores Mbeki’s seprember.

It is for this reason that I have problems with comrades who use funerals hte promote not only a particular party, but a faction or individual within 8 days in september the removal of thabo mbeki party.