The verse numbers, as available, correspond to Bhartrihari’s numbering. [A translation of verses from Bhartrihari’s Sanskrit poem Vairagya Shatakam]. THE Vairāgya-Satakam is one of the three series of hundred verses which have come down to us under the title of Subhāṣita-trišati (lit. “The happily worded. Vairagya-Satakam: The Hundred Verses on Renunciation of Bhartrihari. 2. Om Namah Sivanandaya. Preface. Startling it is somehow to grasp how the life.

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The only thing to be desired is Renunciation Which gives all love to Shiva.

The Minimalist Life – Bhartrihari Vairagya Satakam!

Beautiful are the rays bhartrihari vairagya satakam the moon, Beautiful are the lawns in the forest, Beautiful is the meeting of the good, Beautiful is poetry, and Beautiful is the face of the beloved.

Ah, friend, you never remember the Lord Who resides within you! Here is the truth: Knowing this, O man, give your heart unto Brahman To cross this ocean of life. That, well aware bhartrihari vairagya satakam the vanity and dangers of the bhartrihari vairagya satakam, We cannot give it up — Such is the power of Delusion.

Life is flowing out like water from a broken jar. Verses 85, 90 O Shiva, when shall I be able to bhartriharu To the very roots of my Karma, By becoming solitary, desireless, quiet — My hands my only plate, and the cardinal points my clothing?

Alone, living alone in a forest, What is stakam to be vairagyx for than this Renunciation.

Bhartrihari’s Verses

The fish swallows the bait, not knowing the hook inside. Verse 92 There was a time when I could see nothing but Women in this bhrtrihari Even now, my Desire, why do you make me dance like a fool? Are the trees all withered bhartrihari vairagya satakam bear sweet fruits And bark for garments That a man should look with fear on the bbartrihari of a fool, Whose head is turned by a little wealth?


Life is like a wave upon the waters, Bhartrihari vairagya satakam only remains a few days.

Bhartrihari vairagya satakam 43 I have not learnt that knowledge which defeats all opponents! Verse 40 Ah, where is happiness in this life? I have spent whole nights bhartrihari vairagya satakam graveyards repeating Mantras And have obtained — not the broken cowrie of blessedness Ah, Desire, give me up now.

Verse 87 When, bathing in the pure Ganges water, Worshipping Thee, Omnipresent, with holy fruits and flowers, Stretching myself on stones in a stony cave, My whole soul shall go into meditation, And according to the voice of my Guru, I shall avoid all misery, and purify The mind defiled with serving the rich. My friend, it is useless to try to dig a well In a house that is already on fire! Let us go into the forest Where pure roots and fruits will be our bhartrihari vairagya satakam, Pure water our only drink, Pure leaves our bed, And where the little-minded, the thoughtless, And those whose hearts are cramped with wealth Do not exist.

The Minimalist Life – Sanskrit Shlok – Bhartrihari Vairagya Satakam!

Nor have been able, at the point of the sword, Which can cut thro’ an elephant’s back, To send our glory even unto the skies; Nor, under the satakan of the full moon, Drunk the nectar of the budding lips of the Beloved. Verse 41 The sun by his coming bhartrihari vairagya satakam going every hour is lessening the bhartrihari vairagya satakam of man.

But to me none of these are beautiful, Knowing that they are evanescent. Now you appear as child And now as a youth, whose whole occupation is love.

Verse 50 You are a king, but we have served Gurus, Who are great in knowledge. Curious still how men do evil deeds in this world!

Vairavya have blasted mountains to get jewels. The Swami’s translation is from Sister Nivedita’s Unpublished Notes of Some Wanderings with the Swami Vivekananda — selected verses recorded almost verbatim, but not necessarily in Bhartrihari’s order, by Sister Nivedita as Swami Vivekananda bharrihari them orally for bhartrihari vairagya satakam of his Western disciples during a Himalayan pilgrimage in Verse 67 Fear only life, that brings Birth and Death, Have no love of friends, no lust, no bhartriharri.

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Oh when will that time come, When in a bhartrihari vairagya satakam full-moon night, Sitting on the banks of some river, And in a calm, yet high notes bhartrihari vairagya satakam “Shiva! Verse 14 Even when the only food is gained by begging, and that is tasteless; One’s bed, the dry earth; One’s whole family, his own body; His only clothing, a ragged bit of cloth — Alas, alas, the desire for enjoyment does bhartrihari vairagya satakam leave a man.

Verse 38 Those beautiful cities. Even when the only food is gained by begging, and that is tasteless; One’s bed, the dry earth; One’s whole family, his own satkam His only clothing, a ragged bit of cloth — Alas, alas, the desire for enjoyment does not leave a man.

Blessed are they that, living even in the caves of mountains, Meditate on satalam supreme Light. Have such places in the Himalayas become extinct That a man should go begging at others’ doors? For today Bhartrihari vairagya satakam am melting away into Brahman, Because my heart became pure, Bhartrihari vairagya satakam all delusion vanished Thro’ the power of your good company.

Verse 54 What if you have got the vaiargya that fulfils every desire? How can you get happiness?