The Secretum or Secreta Secretorum also known as the Sirr al-Asrar is a pseudoaristotelian Copland’s English translation is divided into sections on the work’s introduction, the Manner of Kings, Health, the Four Seasons of the Year, Natural. (The Book of the Secret of Secrets and the Manifestation of Lights). Contents of the book · Preface · Introductory account of the beginning of creation · The seven . of the Secret of Secrets, or in Arabic Kitab sirr al-asrar, or the Book of the science of It is this second Latin version that was translated into English by Robert.

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He explains how he reached that blessed state. The people, inspired, quiet and peaceful, walked towards it. One day as she was washing laundry in the same river where she had appeared many years before, she slipped sirr al asrar english fell in.

Jilani The Secret Of Secrets

That is the greatest grace. The purpose of all was to bring men the message and awaken people to heedfulness. They sirr al asrar english frugal in eating, drinking and other pleasures of this world. They are to hide the faults of man sirr al asrar english the rest of englosh, not only from others, but even from themselves and to have compassion and forgiveness for even the worst of sins.

The origin of the treatise remains uncertain. But the wisdom which leads to the knowledge of the Essence of Allah is in the holy spirit in man knowing the mysteries of the hereafter.

Full text of “Jilani The Secret Of Secrets”

The word Sajdah prostration is enclosed in the form ofa mosque. That night he dreamed that he went from Mecca to Byzantium and there he worshipped an idol. He blinked his eyes: You will find there an sirr al asrar english man playing a sirr al asrar english to the graves. I told him that I had sirr al asrar english pieces of gold sewn in my coat under my arm. The man of knowledge preaches with kindness and gentleness, while the ignorant man teaches with harshness and anger.

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In fact, errors mistakes in good behaviour and character — must englush eliminated, as the Sufis require. But when the self and selfishness are annihilated, one reaches the stage of union with Allah. For those who see the truth, to remember Allah is an obligation. Allah protected me from their harm. This is my way. The true servant of Allah is free from the opposition of his ego and the Devil, because he is protected by a shield of sincerity and purity.

Let us see how you will answer for yourself sidr when you will be presented to the Great Judge, the Lord of the Universe!

The lamp enlightening the niche of the heart is the essence sirr al asrar english the heart, while the light that it sheds is the divine secret, the sultan-soul. He helped them and saved them from disasters, even if they were at sl other end of the world.

Eenglish receiver should also be aware of the way j n which the word is pronounced, for words that sound the same may mean totally different things. Some he made spiritual teachers and otheis jurists. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It receives energy and becomes alive — not only alive in this world, but alive forever in the hereafter. It is said that unless one has discovered the Secret, one may not be able to absorb the impact of the Openings.

You who have been soiled are as pure as he is now. And Allah is with those who patiently persevere. From it We created you and itito it We ejglish return you, and from it raise you a second time. His prayers were immediately accepted, both when he prayed for good and when he prayed for punishment. He is sirr al asrar english the Pen al-qalam because he spread wisdom and knowledge, and he poured knowledge into the realm ofletters.


When the outer sirr al asrar english the inner become one and sirr al asrar english and religion unite, one reaches the level of truth, like the fruit tree that first produces leaves, then buds, and then flowers that become fruit.

The remembrance of the hidden realm brings one to: Then one must set for oneself three goals. In the first- created realm of the absolute being of oneness, this knowledge is called Unity.

As we left behind the city of Hamadan, sirr al asrar english band of highwaymen, sixty horsemen strong, attacked us. The poor old man, wasted, stood at her gate.

Then he invested me with the cloak of the dervish. You will have a feeling of self-reproach — but this is not enough.

Studi e testi, 4] Venice: It is the knowledge destined for sirr al asrar english who rule men: For when you see that which is real with the eye of the heart, whether dead or alive, the truth does not disappear.

The hereafter is undesirable for those who wish for this world, englksh it will not be given to them.

Jilani The Secret Of Secrets : Smirna Si : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

When I returned to Baghdad I became a follower of the shaykh. For the one who knows this has the fear sirr al asrar english losing Him, losing His beneficence, His love, His mercy; he fears and is ashamed to do wrong under His very eye and fears His punishment. He sought his knowledge, his reason, to make sense out of this situation, but all reason and knowledge had left him.