1 Nov Group Standard VW Issue Class. No.: Descriptors: crimp connection, electrical connection, crimp, contact, connector. 10 May VW Group Standard Class. No.: Descriptors: crimp connection, electrical connection, crimp, contact, connector, solderless. 1 Sep The most recent automotive specification is the VW which is the only process-oriented specification indicating how often testing should.

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However, this method is not perfect either. The VW and A specifications states that vw 60330 crimp height measurements, a micrometer with a point and a blade Fig. The VW specification gives guidelines for each value indicating acceptable limits. Vw 60330, higher pull test values can be achieved with higher pull rates.

Quality standards are getting tougher each year. Micrograph systems, or crimp cross sectioning equipment, were typically only seen where applicator tooling was manufactured or in the labs of the large wire harness vw 60330.

vw – PDF documents

All too often, they demand higher quality at the same or lower price. Both standards were created by the Society vw 60330 Automotive Engineers. I will review proper measurement techniques, discuss some trends in crimp quality, and 63030 methods to improve efficiency in quality data collection. The solutions in the vw 60330 systems have a Ph value equal to that of water so they are much safer to use and no special procurement and waste processes are required.

What are companies measuring and is it really correct? Finally, the new systems are far less expensive.


Stated another way, in vw 60330 to vw 60330 a tolerance of 0. The A also specifies that any samples that are used for vw 60330 testing can not be used as finished goods. On the other hand, this type of equipment is the only way to get a clear picture of the inside of the crimp Fig 5. The distance between face ends 7 is also an indication of how centered vw 60330 terminal is in the crimp.

Keeping all of the specifications straight and understanding all of the differences is increasingly difficult. The air gaps inside the crimp clearly indicate that the terminal is too big for the wire.

As you will see in the chart below, tolerances are the same but the corresponding wire sizes differ. Therefore, getting a comprehensive analysis on the entire crimp is faster, easier and less expensive.

Crimp Quality Standards Comparison and Trends

The support angle 4 and support 6030 5 are indications of how centered the terminal is in the vw 60330 and how strong the crimp will be over time. Micrographs are also very useful when vw 60330 terminal bend angles Fig 7 and cross area reduction. The crimp height 1 is the standard measurement. There are so many standards to adhere to and each manufacturer might have different requirements.

The VW specification provides higher pull test values if the insulation crimp is left intact. To comply with USCAR vw 60330 could not use the standard lb N pull test devices unless it had an accuracy of better than 0.

Because of issues such as vw 60330 and the persistence of crimp quality problems, more and more companies, like VW in Europe and China, are vw 60330 crimp cross section analysis into their production processes.


For vw 60330 information on the respective specifications, please go to: In these difficult times, wire harness manufacturers are looking to expand business in their existing markets and are looking for new markets.

The sides of vw 60330 crimp tooling are angled i. Both of which are very difficult to measure without a micrograph system. Each standard has their subtle differences. The A states that if crimp height measurements are taken, then pull test is not required. Acids require special training, gloves and eye protection as well as special procurement and waste processes, since acids are considered to be hazardous materials.

The more vertical the angle is vw 60330 the larger the height vw 60330 the stronger the crimp will be over time. The reason is to eliminate the possibility for the flash to affect the measurement Fig. Pull test rates vary between specifications as well.

Technically it is between the tangents of the radii of the crimp die. However, as quality standards get tighter, some of vw 60330 standards may be adopted by other markets. Therefore, wire harness manufacturers that must comply to USCAR will either need pull test devices with extreme accuracy or they will need many devices for a complete range of vw 60330.

603330 were large table units involving epoxies and acidic etching solutions.